Camryn Pina 6A Skills 21

General Information

This app smore is free. It's a reliable app because it allows you to view other flyers that have been made and shared. You can see how it has been a success to other users, and it also shows you the results to the flyer you have shared. Such as showing how many views it has got, and if there is any comments from other people on it. It's very easy to use because it takes you step by step on how to make the perfect flyer.
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App Design

Each flyer that you make can be shared. You can share it to people by email, you can post what you made on Craig's list, or you can share it to social networks. This app can be used on different devices such as on your phone, computer, or iPad.
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This app allows you to design flyers, promote events, products and many more. You can customize each flyer by adding pictures, changing the font type, the background and the colors of the font.
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