The American Plan for Oil

Our Plan:

To set up a time frame of 15 years in order to start a process in which we eliminate our dependency on foreign oil and completely depend on America's oil.
The 5 Steps are:

1. Start using and creating new alternatives (will be explained further on in the plan)
2. Drill more U.S oil
3. Slowly decrease the usage of foreign oil by doing the following:
Replace oil with biomass, created from beach grass or pine needles, combined with carbon dioxide, steam, and nitrogen gas, it’s then heated and created into an oil, or gas.
4. Start depending on U.S a lot more

5. Eliminate completely our dependency on foreign oil

Step 1

1.) (Alternatives)

In order to stop depending on foreign oil ,we must start depending on ours a lot more. The problem is that we cannot produce enough oil for the whole U.S to use so we must reduce the use of oil by using alternatives like biomass fuel, along with hydropower and electricity. While new alternatives for oil are still being tested, or worked on to make sure it can actually be used as an alternative, the U.S population will have to start with the simple alternatives already provided like...

  • Reducing the use of cars and encouraging the use of public transportations such as the bus , and also walking, riding bikes, etc.

  • Creating our own feul instead of just drilling for more oil. We will do this with the use of biomass, and turn it into something safe for vehicles to use. Taknig things like beach grass, corn, pine needles, etc.and heating them, putting them into a mixture of carbon dioxide, steam, and nitrogen gas.

This first step is one of the most important steps because no progress will be made if these alternatives aren’t being used, it is critical for us to stop depending too much on foreign oil.

Step 2

2.) (Drilling more oil from the U.S )

The U.S needs to start drilling more oil for us to use in the time being. During this time, we will still have to be use foreign oil but the U.S will have a lot more oil for us to depend on in the future if we drill more oil as soon as possible.

Step 3

3.) (Decreasing Usage of Foreign Oil)

In order to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, we will need to switch to the alternatives as quickly as possible and start drilling our own oil. Eventually we will decrease the use of foreign oil just enough to stop using it all together. There are multiple sources out there that show that the U.S has about 1.5 and 2.5 quadrillion cubic ft. of natural gas reserves. Natural gas is an alternative resource that we will have to start using. Estimating the it's replacement of foreign oil, then it would lasts us from 60-100 years in supply. And, even though natural gas is certainly not the final solution, it possibly is the steppingstone that get us there.

Step 4

4.) ( Start to depend on U.S oil a lot more)
Once we have drilled enough oil from the U.S and decreased our use on foreign oil, then we should start depending on U.S oil a lot more. Keeping in mind that we are still working on the new alternatives for us to use in the future. During this time we hope that we're in at least 5-8 years within our original time frame, and full progress on steps 1-3 have been made.

Step 5

5.) (Completely eliminate our foreign oil dependency)
Hopefully, by 8-12 years into our time frame plan, we have started to increase our use on the new alternatives and by 12-15 years in our time frame we have completely stopped using foreign oil. By this time, technology should have yield a clean, green, cheap source of domestic energy that will end this oil issue once and for all.