Armani's 2k15 spring break

The concert

I went to the weeknd concert. It was me and sara in Miami. The concert was on March 11th. It was the best part of my spring break. It was amazing because Ariana Grande opened up for them and i love her. There was tons of people there. It was by far the best concert Iv'e ever been to. I wish i could go back it was awsome. I'm extremley glad i got tickets in the first place. It was a great experience over all. Hopefully i can go again someday.

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Black sand beach

I went to Hawaii during my spring break. I went with my mom samantha and dede. It was an amazing sight. The whole trip was amazing . When we got there we heard about the black sand beaches and we automatically thought we have to go. It was the most beautiful thing iv'e ever seen. I heard about it before but i didn't know it was a real thing. I would absolutley love to go back.
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I went to a rave in Miami with Sam and Dede. We basically spent our whole spring break together. It was awsome. There were people everywhere and so many lights and music. I had always heard about raves but I had never been and so it was better than i expected. I would love to go to another one soon. This wrapped up my spring break on a positive note. I loved my 2015 spring break.
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