French 1B Newsletter 4-21-15

A busy time of year...testing and finishing the year....

Many students are having standardized tests, we are covering the last stages of French content, and this is our last progress report before finals.

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Speaking of testing...

Please know that you are expected to keep up with your GA Virtual school courses if you have testing in your school. You may work at home or in a library and I recommend using a flash/jump drive to help you if you are working on assignments and need to work on them at a later time. These next two week are our LAST assignment due date. Do not be waiting until the last minute to do your assignments. You will want to submit them in a timely manner so that you can know your average prior to taking our final.

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Progress Report

Today all grades have been updated for progress reports. Please use your view of the course to see grades and progress.

Cordialement, Barbara Abell