Camp Pre-K News

Ms. Summer and Ms. Lori

December 3, 2015

Reader's Workshop

Tuesday, we began the week with My "u" book by Jane Belk.

Thursday, Ms. Missy presented The First Christmas Story to all of the classes during our Bible Kick off for the month. This month our focus is on peace.


Wednesday, we started our egg crate Christmas trees. This is a multiple step craft and may be coming home today or next Tuesday. We started a discussion on reusing items for other things and then recycling what we do not need.


Tuesday, we made our Christmas Tree Countdown. Each day, starting on december 1st, the students are to place one sticker on their tree for the corresponding date. For instance, on December 1st, they put the 1, on Decemeber 2nd, they put the 2, and so on. There are extra "ornaments" without numbers on them if they cannot resist the urge of putting just one sticker on per day!

"Make an 'S', but do not wait! Go back up and close the gate"! Can you guess what our number was Wednesday? Eight!

This was pretty difficult for several students considering that we have not gone over the letter "S" yet! It is all about crossing the midline and at this age that is difficult. You can practice at home by having them touch their right hand to their left shoulder, forcing them to go "across' their body or making "X's" or crosses on paper. There are several resources and simple games that you can play with your kiddos while sitting on the floor and playing with a ball!

Writer's Workshop

Our letter this week was "U". The class came up with quite a few words! Be sure to check out their handwriting pages! We have a few kiddos who have even started labeling their own pictures! So amazed at these smart cookies!


Library books are due every Thursday! The library sends out "late" notifications on Wednesdays, but they are not late! Just use that as a reminder to return them on Thursday! If a student has 2 BOOKS checked out, they will not be allowed to check out another book until at least 1 book has been returned!

Dec. 15: Stocking Exchange/Jammie Day

Dec. 22-31: NO KCLC