LHS Class Selection

February 2022

Research & pick your classes for the 22-23 school year!

Students, this is a reminder that the portal is open for course requests for the 2022-2023 school year. You have from today until Friday, February 25, 2022, at 3 PM to make your course request. Similar to last school year a website had been created to walk each student through the course request process. On the Course Request Website, students will work through the 3 Rs of requesting courses.


  • Graduation Requirements
  • Course Guide
  • Transcript
  • Electives


  • Reminders will provide students with important reminders that they need to be mindful of as they are requesting courses for the 2022-2023 school year


  • Step-by-step instructions of how to make course requests
  • ONE LAST STEP - select ALTERNATE courses through this FORM (Link Here)


  • Counselors are going to be available to talk with students during lunch throughout the month of February. Find a counselor in the cafeteria to ask your questions
  • Walk-in Wednesdays - Students may come by the Student Center anytime during the day on Wednesday and ask questions about course requests
  • Students are encouraged to try the course request process on their own. The course request website walks them through the process step by step. Counselors are available to guide students, but students are encouraged to make their course requests by the deadline of February 25, 2022. Course requests are NOT something you can mess up.


Class Advertisements

Theatre Arts I

It's a class where you can let go of the other stresses of the school day and have fun in the world of theater.

Tech Theatre I

Tech Theatre is a hands-on intro to all things NON-PERFORMANCE related about theater.

LHS Publications

You may want to consider joining Student Publications: introduction to journalism, yearbook, magazine and online news.


Love music? Homework got you down? Consider taking choir!

Family & Consumer Science

Information regarding culinary, child development, textiles, housing, and more!

Intro to Clothing

This intro-level sewing class is the perfect outlet for your creativity in a hands-on, project-based classroom!

World Language

Learn about why you should take a World Language and which one is best for you!



Social Studies Electives & Classes

Learn about the various offerings for each grade-level.

Science Courses

Learn about the various offerings for each grade-level.

PLTW - BioMed

Do you want to take fun, collaborative, student-centered classes that are weighted and offered for college credit? Then register for a Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science class!



Engineering Essentials

Everything in this class focuses on a Design Process. We use this process to work through real-life scenarios and problems.

AP - Computer Science Principles

AP-CSP is the foundations course for coding and computer science here at LHS and in the WSD.

Business & Marketing Classes

Learn more about the various strands within our Business and Marketing Department.

AP English Language

This class will teach you all about writing for college and incorporate ACT prep!