Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

About the book

Percy Jackson is a twelve year old troubled boy diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD and has been expelled from practically every school has ever been to. While on a school field trip to the local Ancient Greek Mythology Museum one of his nastier classmates,Nancy Bobafet , starts to bully his best friend Grover Underwood, Percy who has a very high temper, one of the reasons he gets expelled a lot, becomes furious and then all of a sudden water from a nearby fountain reaches out as if to grab Nancy and soaks her from head to toe. After this incident Mrs. Dodds, his algebra teacher, pulls him inside to have a little chat, presumably to tell him off for what had happened earlier outside. While inside a private room in the museum she suddenly turns into a mythical creature from Ancient Greece called a Fury, accuses him of stealing a lightning bolt and attempts to kill him, but is thwarted when Mr. Brunner , Percy's favorite Latin teacher, charges in and throws Percy a small ballpoint pen that, when uncapped, turns into a sword. Percy then kills the Fury. For the rest of the year everyone including Grover and Mr. Brunner pretends that there has never been a Mrs. Dodds and that he's crazy, although he stills suspects because Grover,who has never been a talented liar, always becomes nervous when he mentions Mrs. Dodds. Finally the end of the year comes and Percy gets to go back to Manhattan to see his mom, however is a little disturbed because the night before he overheard a conversation between Grover and Mr. Brunner talking about Mrs. Dodds. On the way home Grover an he see three ladies sitting on a bench across the street, the two ladies on the end are holding a blue piece of yarn and the lady in the middle is holding a pair of scissors. Percy had the strangest feeling that they were staring right at him when the lady holding the scissors cuts the piece of yarn the other two were holding. When he tells Grover this he is very nervous and serious. Percy later finds out that the three ladies were the Fates from Grover and learns that when the Fates, who control the lifeline of a human being , cut a string that it means someone is going to die. Percy instantly becomes scared thinking it meant that he was going to die. so pretending that he needs to go to the bathroom ditches Grover and heads home not knowing that his life was about to get a lot more scary and complicated for Percy was a demigod, half mortal and half god, but he wasn't just any demigod he was the son of Poseidon god of the seas and one of the three most powerful gods on earth

" Chiron: It is determined.

Percy: My Father?

Chiron: Poseidon, Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of horses, Hail, Perseus Jackson, Son of the sea god. "

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In The Lightning Thief, the first of many installments to the Percy Jackson series, Percy encounters and gains many friends

Grover Underwood: Percy's best friend and protector. Grover is also a Saytr a mythological creature that is man from waist up but from waist down a goat

Annabeth Chase: One of Percy's friends that he meets at Camp Half-Blood , a training camp for demigods and the only safe place on earth for them, who goes on various adventures with Percy. She is the Daughter of Athena, goddess of crafts, wisdom, and battle strategy.

Chrion, aka Mr. Brunner: Percy's activities director at Camp Half-Blood and his latin teacher. Chiron is a centaur, half man half horse, but has a magical wheelchair that when sat in conceals his horse half and makes him look like a normal man

Luke Castellan: Percy's good friend at camp and his sword fighting instructor. Luke is the son of Hermes, God of thieves and messenger of the gods.

Mr. D: Mr. D is the camps director the D actually stands for Dionysus, god of wine. Dionysus was once a mortal man son of Zeus but became a god when he invented wine.

Clarisse LaRue: a vicious girl at camp who tries to stuff Percy's head down a toilet his first day of camp but fails when the whole plumbing system in the bathroom explodes sendin toilet and shower water spraying everyone in the room, including Annabeth, but leaves Percy completely dry . Clarisse is the daughter of Ares, God of War


After the scene at the museum Percy and his mother go on a vacation to a lake house out in the country where Grover ends up finding them after Grover explains what happened at the museum to Percy's mother they hop in the car and travel to a mystical camp named Camp Half-Blood where Percy's mother is captured by a Minatour (half man half bull) and Percy discovers he is the son of Poseidon. He also finds Mr. Brunner who is actually named Chiron and is actually a centaur. Percy discovers that the reason the Fury and Minatour attacked them is because Zeus', the king of the gods and master of lightning god of the sky's, Master Lightning Bolt, the most powerful weapon on earth, was stolen and he believes that Percy was the thief and so does Hades. But Hades doesn't want the bolt for Zeus he wants it for himself and it was he that sent the Minatour to capture Percy's mother so now Percy has to travel to the underworld free his mother, find the Master Bolt and return it to Zeus by the summer solstice