Italians Immigrants

Michelle Villa & Leslie Reyes

When The Italians Came To The U.S and Why They Came

The first Italian that set foot in the United States was Christopher Columbus in 1492, but in the 1880's 300,000 migrated on a boat to the U.S. They were known as the "New Immigration" which was the third and largest wave from Europe and other countries. They came to the U.S to get jobs as farmers, fisherman, stevedores. Some also worked in the Appalachia and west mountains, they went into pits, and mines, digging coal, and ore.

Their Italian Culture and How it Changed The U.S

Many distinctive events and practices maintained the unity of the village: weddings, feasts, christenings, and funerals. One that often caught the attention of outsiders was the festa—a parade celebrating the feast day of a particular village’s patron saint.


Most Italians were farmers. They started as selling religious craft and also as barbers and hairdressing. That helped them raised money for their houses and food.