Welcome to Rizvi's 7th Grade ELA


My Conference period is at 11:10 on most days.

“If they cannot learn the way I teach, I will teach the way they learn."

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Every Day Supplies and Assignments

  • ELA Composition Notebook (Or 3-5 subject notebook)
  • Write Source Workbook
  • Stickies for annotations/Pen/Pencil/paper
  • Scotch tape/glue stick

  • EDMODO is routine for each night! Check Edmodo with personal login for our class calendar. Look for posts and ask questions!


  • Late Grades: 10 pts each day late on major grades
  • Reteach/Retest Policy: 75 highest possible for major grade
  • Skyward for Grades and Notes
  • Check Edmodo when absent for class.


  • 1hr/1 week of reading (simple reading log)
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Use #instastems on reflection (SAR)

IDEAS on WHAT to read:
  • tweentribune.com
  • Ideas: Nonfiction Articles/Poetry/Novels /Newspaper/Online Political/Sports/Entertainment Articles
  • Cross Genre text will be the focus through the year for the IRS.

PreAP will have additional literary analysis essays outside of class per semester on character and theme for outside reading. Kindles and ipads are allowed for reading, but when annotations are needed, please purchase a copy of the novel for support.

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Novels To Purchase


Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen -1st Semester

Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman- 2nd Semester

PreAP: Literary Analysis Essay for Outside Reading of their choice (choose a different genre each nine weeks).

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (2nd semester)

Percy Jackson Greek Gods by Rick Riordan (2nd semester)

  • It is strongly advised, but not required, that you purchase a copy of each book for your child.
  • If your child has their own book they can make annotations, highlight, and underline important information as they read.
  • These skills are extremely important for your child’s growth as a thoughtful, analytical reader. They will have to turn in annotations as a book or on paper.