North American Natives


500- 1200 AD houses made of adobe and stone, were multi- storied, apartment- like structures- lived along walls of cliffs or large plazas.

craftsmen made turquoise jewelry, woven baskets ( black on white ) pottery heavily influenced art architecture of late groups such as Hopi and Zuni ( 2 of the most largest groups in Pueblo )

the Adena tribe and the Hopewell

Adena (also collectively known as the Eastern Woodland peoples) lived in Ohio valley region 700 BC. Grew squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. produces exquisite copper jewelry and fine pottery. Elaborate burial mounds made up of a log structures covered by piles of the earth.


arrived in Ohio valley around 300 BC. Built mounds some were 40 feet high and 100 feet wide. Artifacts found such extensive TRADE network. Adena and Hopewell both referred to as "Mound blinders"

here are some examples

they were hard workers