5th Grade Newsletter

Monday, May 3rd, 2021-Friday, May 14th, 2021

OVCA Middle School Electives Survey

If you do not plan to return, please disregard. If you are planning on returning, please take the time to discuss the options with your child and fill this survey out to select your elective for next year.

7 Mindsets Survey

Beginning Monday, April 19th, you will receive an email from the K12 research group with a link to complete a survey for the 7 Mindsets. The survey should take you around 8 minutes to complete with 21 questions. K12 aims to continue to provide the highest quality education, and your responses help make that possible. Any information you give will be kept strictly confidential and will be reported in collection along with the feedback of others. Please take the time to answer honestly; there are no right or wrong answers.

If you need help with the survey, please don’t hesitate to ask your Learning Coach, a caring adult in your life, and/or OVCA Teachers and support staff (CFAs, Admin, School Counselors). We are here to assist you!

End of School Year & Returning Items

Our last day of school is Wednesday, May 26th. Do not return materials prior to this date.

K12 will provide prepaid UPS shipping labels to return materials to you. Labels will be sent prior to the first day of school. Materials can be sent back in any box, not just the boxes you received them in. If you need additional prepaid shipping labels, go to www.k12.com/support and select Click Here to Request UPS Return Labels found on the right hand side. Note: If you are returning to OVCA for the 2021-22 school year, do not return your computer.

To find out which materials should be returned, learning coaches should log in to their OLS account.

  1. Click the Learning Coach's name, located on the top-right of the home page.
  2. Click the My Info link.
  3. Select the student name, and then the "Orders" tab to see a list of all material orders.
  4. Select the order number that you would like to view.
  5. Scroll down to Course Materials to view a summary of your order; this includes a list of the materials provided for each course, the kit name/SKU number, the order status, and tracking information.
  6. Click the arrow (>) to see the items provided in each course kit.
  7. Use the icons (next to each item) and the Return status listed below, to determine which materials will or will not need be returned once the course and/or School Year is complete.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our help website available here.

Big picture
Big picture

Newrow Support for Families

If students/families need assistance with Class Connect sessions, powered by Newrow, they can contact the Newrow Support Line at (877) 847-1169. Representatives are available to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that students may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

As always, if students/families are experiencing an issue with the Online School or any K12 application, they can contact K12 Customer Support at (866) 512-2273 or visit Help.K12.com

Bison On Track Calendar Adjustments

In an effort to allow more time for students to work in Exact Path and MindPlay, the 5th grade teachers have reduced Math and ELA OLS lessons to 4 per week and History OLS lessons to 2 per week.

All students should be working a minimum of 1 hour in Exact Path for Math and 1 hour in MindPlay for Reading per week.

On Track Calendar

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Free Tutoring Through OVCA!

We are excited to announce our school’s new Tutoring Initiative! OVCA will offer personalized academic tutoring based on your child’s needs with an emphasis in the subjects of English Language Arts (Reading/Writing) and Mathematics.

At this time, our new tutoring program will be completely virtual through an online service called TutorMe. Through this program, your child will be able to access a tutor at any time of the day to work on any subject. While the emphasis will be in math and reading, tutors for all subjects are available. The tutor will work with your child’s curriculum to help them improve their grades and gain confidence. The focus of tutoring is to equip your child with different methods of learning so they can have life-long skills in how to best solve problems for assignments, homework and projects.

Tutoring Sign-Up Link


Please contact Allison McCartney, our OVCA Tutoring Manager for more information amccartney@okvirtual.org

What assignments do I turn in to my teacher?

Many times the OLS will instruct students to turn in assignments that do not have to be turned in. The only assignments that must be turned into your homeroom teacher are those that have "TGA" or "Writing Sample" beside it on the On Track Calendar.

Student Spotlight

Would your student like to be featured in an upcoming Newsletter? If so, please email a photo of them schooling to their homeroom teacher. Be sure to complete the Media Release Form below!


Unit 15 Classifying 2 Dimensional Figures

Home stretch 5th grade! You can do this!

Welcome to the last math unit of the year!


5.GM.1.1 Describe, classify and construct triangles, including equilateral, right, scalene, and isosceles triangles. Recognize triangles in various contexts.

5.GM.1.2 Describe and classify three-dimensional figures including cubes, rectangular prisms, and pyramids by the number of edges, faces or vertices as well as the shapes of faces.

5.GM.1.3 Recognize and draw a net for a three-dimensional figure (e.g., cubes, rectangular prisms, pyramids).

5.GM.2.3 Find the perimeter of polygons and create arguments for reasonable values for the perimeter of shapes that include curves.

Heads Up

The polygon lessons can be difficult because of the overlapping attributes of some of the polygons. I encourage you to print out this free poster from Teachers Pay Teachers. Your student may use this with their lesson/quizzes.


Math Academic Vocabulary

One of the best ways to improve your student's MAP math score it to get them familiar with the vocabulary used during testing. Quizlet is a great site to use.


Math Facts

If your student struggles with 5th Grade Math, one reason can be that they are struggling with their math facts. Encourage daily practice of Math facts to produce fluency using flash cards or interactive Math games and apps. Below are a few helpful resources:




Reading / ELA

This unit begins with a Word Study Workshop about common sayings and their meaning. Then you will move to a Reading Workshop that will introduce you to several stories about one of the most famous characters in literature Sherlock Holmes. You will analyze four different stories about Holmes, exploring their similarities and differences.

Seesaw Weekly Writing Prompts

Students have begun weekly writing practice in Seesaw. The prompts are assigned by the homeroom teacher through Seesaw, and students are expected to respond directly on the slide.


Science is officially over. I know I want to cry too.

PLEASE use this time wisely to finish and turn in all work. This includes:

  1. OLS overdue assignments all subjects
  2. OLS not mastered quizzes all subjects
  3. Science Food Web Project: Unit 9 Lesson 3
  4. ELA TGA #3: Editorial, Unit 10 Lesson 14
  5. ELA Writing Sample #4: Cell Phone Opinion, Unit 10 Lesson 15
  6. Edmentum: all assignments
  7. Seesaw: all assignments
  8. MindPlay

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Year

  • Attendance is extremely important for all class connects. Even though Science is considered “optional” it is still highly encouraged.
  • Create a family schedule so everybody knows when students are in class connects
  • Come prepared! Cook, eat, use the restroom, feed animals, do chores, run errands before/after class connects.
  • Stay on track every day with the On-Track Calendar.
  • Check USA Test Prep regularly for assignments, quizzes, and “Tickets Out the Door.”
  • Email all teachers (Homeroom, Interventionist, SpEd) when the student will be absent.
  • Clean out cache and cookies regularly to help with computer speed and memory.



  • Watch recordings of class connects missed. Here is a helpful video to demonstrate how to access recordings through the OLS.


  • All OLS (Online School) lessons require 80% Mastery for completion. The video below demonstrates a lesson that has not been marked complete because it was not mastered by the student.


  • It is highly encouraged students have 3 notebooks (simple one subject notebooks are perfect) so that they may take notes in Math, Reading and Science classes.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • May 10th-18th: NWEA End of Year Assessments (Alternate CC Schedule)
  • May 19th-26: End of School Year Wrap-up (Alternate CC Schedule)
  • May 26th: Last Day of Semester/4th Quarter

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

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Hola! Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!

Hola! Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!

Mi nombre es Sonia Gaytan, Asesor Familiar Comunitario

Si necesitas ayuda en español puedo ayudarte.

Puede enviarme un correo electrónico a sogaytan@okvirtual.org

Puede enviarme un mensaje de texto a 405 345 6018

Puedes llamarme a 405 259 9478 ext. 3150

Important Websites

USA Test Prep

Account ID: ovca78, Username: Student's ID # (example: 1234567), Password: Student's First Name AND last 3 digits of Student's ID # (example: Amy567)

Exact Path

Account: okv1 Password: Student ID Number


Contact your HR teacher for your text code

IT Support

If you are experiencing technical issues, please use the link above or call 866-512-2273 to submit a ticket.

5th Grade Teachers

In Case You Missed It...

The Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access educational programs and activities. As required by Title IX, the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender, in its educational programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the Title IX non-discrimination matters:

  • Angie Foust, Title IX Coordinator, afoust@okvirtual.org, (405) 259-9478 ext 2069, 1160 S Douglas, Midwest City, OK 73130
  • Additionally, you may contact the Office of Civil Rights by calling 1-800-421-3481.