Bert Bochove's & Anne Frank's fight for justice

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Courage is a major theme in The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank had to be courageous while hiding frome the Nazis.
  1. Mr. Frank says, "We're lucky. We're really very lucky." He says this because they are lucky to be alive and they are not in a concentration camp, this makes the residents of the secret annex feel better.
  2. The people in the secret annex celebrate holidays and birthdays to help them be courageous through the tough times. " What kind of Jew are you if you don't celebrate Hanukkahh"
  3. The risks of inviting Dussel to to stay in the annex include: being caught and put in concentration camps or put in jail. If I had to decide, I would have said obliged. "The only thing I feel...there's so little food as it is...and to take it to another person..."
  4. Courage is relevant to the kids today because there are many thingsin life today that require them to have courage.
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Bert Bochove had courage in the face of the Nazis

  1. Bert Bochove showed courage by hiding jews despite the risks and his fear
  2. Bert had to overcome his fear of being caught, he was is a very honorable person because of his integrity.
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I am courageous

  1. Last year I took a courageous stand when someone was beating up my friend.
  2. Courage is an important quality because those who lack it are cowards and no one likes a coward.