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November 16

Quote of the Week

“Nurse Larsen is the best! I really missed her last year." -a lot of 7th grade students!

Please home!

Just a reminder that all hoverboards need to be left at home. Any questions please direct to Ms. Kelley-Lossada.

Repeat after me: Deep Breaths

Final exams are just around the corner!

In order to prepare our students for their future academic career, we provide the experience of final exams to our students. Each semester, students will take 90 minute finals in Math, English, History, Science and World Languages. These finals will be 15% of the final grade for the semester.

This tends to be a time of heightened anxiety for students and parents. Please know that we are aware of this. The teachers do everything they can to ease the normal stress associated with final exams. A lot of time in classes and advisory will be spent teaching students strategies for studying for larger summative tests like these. Advisors will help students create a study calendar and a study plan for each class.

Students should receive study guides for the finals the week we return from Thanksgiving break. Homework will continue to be assigned until the week before finals.

While the subjects have not been assigned to specific times and days, here is when the finals have been scheduled:

Thursday December 10: Final #1: 8:20-9:50

Friday December 11: Final #2 8:20-9:50. Afterwards, 7th graders will serve at the Mother's Christmas Luncheon. Pizza will be provided to them

Monday December 14: FInal #3 8:20-9:50. Students performing in the Christmas Concert will leave for St. Andrew's church after for dress rehearsal

Tuesday December 15: Final #4 8:20-9:50. Christmas Concert at night

Thursday December 17: Final #5 8:20-9:50

Word of the Week: Mayspert

Definition: MJS parent and 7th grader who know's what's up

  • Monday, November 16: Boys C3 Basketball vs St. Gregory @ MJS
  • Tuesday, November 17: Boys A Basketball @ Clairbourn - Excused at 2.00pm. Boys B Basketball @ Clairbourn - Excused 2.25pm. Girls A & B Soccer, Boys C Teams @ MJS
  • Thursday, November 19: All home games
  • Next Week: No school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to observe the Thanksgiving Holidays
  • See below for the bookfair schedule this week!

Next Week Morning Carpool: Sanders

Giving Bank November 16th : Mercado Group 1:

1. J. Attwood

2. J. Cruz

3. F. Burton

4. G. Camacho

5. J. Clougherty

6. B. Porter

Driver: Amion Burton and Casandra Porter

Giving bank schedule

Giving Bank Driver Schedule

Repeat After Me: "Reading is Your Golden Ticket"

Curriculum Highlight: Science Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab

7th Graders Get Creative with the Gospels!

7A Meet's someone from Nottingham, England! They learned an original song about Robin Hood of Nottingham

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7th graders making a difference in the community!

Isabella explains her experience at the Christian Service 4Life event:

A couple weeks ago, a group of 7th and 8th grade students accompanied by Ms. Hubert attended the Christian Service 4LIFE event at The Galen Center at USC. Emma, Diego, Luke, Henry and I had a great experience. The event centered on how life should be treasured from birth to the end of life. Hip hope performers, plays and game shows were just some of the fun events.

Speakers talked all about how they bring their faith into their everyday life and work. They told us that we should think about how we spend our time, money and energy, to see if we are living up to what we believe. Also, they talked to us about how life is not about what we want, but what God wants.

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