Siamese Cats

by:Miguel Staton

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What is a Siamese cat

A Siamese cat is a type of cat that has a slender and muscular body structure.Siamese cats are social,intelligent,playful creatures that likes to play fetch.Siamese cats,if healthy,can live to be 15 to 20 years old,but if the Siamese is suffering depression, the cat could live for only about 14.2 years.Did you know that the Siamese cat's name came from Thailand,a.k.a.Siam?

How do you take care of a Siamese cat?

Siamese cats are very healthy animals and are full of character.Siamese cats ,a.k.a. weezer,are very vocal cats.These cats are trainable,very loving cats,but can often be jealous if you don't give it enough attention.Modern Siamese cats are short lived because of a weak immune system,which happens because of breading.To take care of a Siamese cat you need to know what they need to be happy.They need litter trays,scratching posts,cat collars,a carry box,feeding dishes,and cat brushes for grooming.Siamese cats need either canned moist,semi-moist,or dry food.Be careful if you try to give a cat boney food because the cat could choke on them.There are many types of Siamese cats.They can have many different colored coats.For example,they could have very very dark brown,cool grey,lighter brown,and warm grey.