1 Day 3 Celebs

By~ Brandi Jones

1 day … 3 celebs

One day I was sitting on my couch watching a TV show called “The Originals ”. This was until the phone rang. I picked up the phone and said “ Hello… This is she … I WON … wait what did I win? … What in the world I did not enter any contest but… THE KNOWLES FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I’M ON MY WAY “ This is when it all changed.This is when my life changed.

I walked outside when I saw THE BEST THING EVER! I saw a HOT PINK LIMO. It had my name on the side and everything. So I got in the limo and went to the the airport when I saw the Knowles family. All 3 of them. When I got out Of the car to introduce myself they already knew my name. I was SOOOO excited. Then The worst thing happened. The paparazzi showed up! It was the worst until the best thing happened. The police showed up and escorted them down the street to the jail house. Then the police came back and escorted us to my house.

When we got to my house we got into the pool and went for a short little swim. When we got out Blue Ivy’s luggage was GONE! It was nowhere to be found. Blue Ivy was soaked, and crying . That’s when I told Blue we would go to the mall and buy her some new clothes. The next thing I know Beyoncé told me the craziest thing. She said “ While we’re at the mall we can look for designer clothes together… and IT’S ON ME”. I was in shock I was going to go shopping with Beyoncé! This day can’t get any better can it!

Well I think I was wrong. The day just got better. I just got finished shopping, and Jay - Z just went out to go get us some ice cream and now he’s on his way back. Beyoncé said “ Ice cream is essential to us girls. We always need ice cream and a pool/ ice cream/girl party or an ice cream party”. That’s when Jay - Z came back. He ruined the day. He didn’t come back with ice cream. He said “ I have some bad, BUT important news. We have to go back home because… I … think… I … have… to … make… more … songs for my new album. I am super sorry. I love my singing career and I have a lot of fans and you are probably one of them, all that im saying is that I have to work. Sorry.” This is where our night ended. The Knowles family went back home. I got my new limo taken away.

When I got back home I sat down and finished watching my show. I was sad and lonely but I remembered the great day I had. Thats when I got another phone call. This phone call was the same phone call as before, but with 1 celebrity. This time it was Jamie foxx. When I answered it I said “ Hello… Who is it this time… I’m on my way right now I JUST NEED MY LIMO BACK.” , and my day started all over again .