Nord's Newsletter

December 14-23, 2015


Our essential question for the week is "What do we know about Earth and its neighbors?" Using the expository text, Earth and Its Neighbors, the students will use the comprehension strategy summarizing to explain what was read, pulling out the main idea and key details.


This past Friday, the students took Unit 4 Math test. The class average was 83%. They rocked the portion on area and perimeter but surprisingly the #1 problem the students missed was measuring a line segment to the nearest 1/2 inch. It looks like we need more practice with measuring with a ruler.

We will start Unit 5 on Fractions this week and then review key skills, like measuring with a ruler, next week before we leave for winter break.

The following are key topics in Unit 5:
  • parts of a whole
  • how to draw, write fractions
  • equivalent fractions
  • continue building mastery with multiplication too

**In the photo, Amina is finding the area of the rectilinear shape.

Social Studies

We have moved on to Social Studies...that's a first for the year. However, some students will be finishing up their simple machine book during free class time or recess.

To finish out our year, we'll be doing Map Skills. The students will be learning about maps, how to read maps and the different kinds of maps. We probably won't finish before break but will touch on throughout the year.

Gift Drive

The Student Council is having a Gift Drive this week for Blank Childrens' Hospital. Courtney, our classroom rep, shared to the class about this project. Here are some of the items in need:

•Barbies (new only, including male)
•Barbie clothes (new only)
•Board Games (new and slightly used)
•Card Games (new and slightly used)
•Crayola Crayons (16 count or less)
•Play-Doh (specifically mini sizes)
•C Batteries
•Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint, set of 10 bottles
•Gift Cards ($10 and $15 increments to Target, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon)
•Matchbox / Hotwheels Cars
•New Release DVDs (Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks & PG-13)
•Coloring Books

Schedule for the Week

Monday: PE & Buddies
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Art and NO library with it being a late start
**Late Start**
Thursday: PE
Friday: Music