Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

by Jeremy Szilagyi

Event 1: Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth. Video- 1:07-1:24

Th song that I chose for this event was Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake. This was a good choice for this scene because Mr. Collins wants Elizabeth to marry him and its not a bad thing to marry her because he is inheriting the estate and is a pretty rich man. This song is talking about how it isn't a bad thing to fall in love with that person.

Event 2: Darcy sends a letter to Elizabeth, apologizing for his actions. Video- 0:50-1:07

The song that I chose for this event was Apologize by One Republic. In the song it talks about how it is too late to apologize and that he was sorry he ever had relations with this person. In the book Elizabeth is very angry and Darcy because he talks bad about the Bennet family and helped split up Jane and Bingley. So it might be too late to apologize for Darcy.

Event 3: Lydia marries Wickham and goes away with him. Video- 0:17-0:28

The song that I chose for this event was the song Hello Goodbye by the Beetles. I chose this song because Lydia is getting married to Wickham and going away with him. So Lydia is saying goodbye to her family and hello to her new life. In the song this is also the case because the song is saying "I don't say goodbye because I say hello."

Event 4: Mr. BIngley comes back to Netherfield and confesses his loves for Jane. Video- 0:36-0:47

For this event I chose the song Best I Ever Had by Gavin Degraw. I chose this song because in the song the lyrics keep talking about how this person is the best he has ever had and that she has changed his life forever. This is the same with Bingley. With the help and persuasion of Darcy, Bingley realizes that he is in love with Jane and that she is the best that he has ever had.
Not a bad thing- Justin Timberlake lyrics (clean version)

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Apologize - OneRepublic

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The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye
Gavin DeGraw - Best I Ever Had (Official Lyric Video)

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