My Hero-Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis

Otherwise known as "Jackie"

Three reasons why she is my hero:

  • One reason she is my hero is because she was married to John F. Kennedy and was with him when he was assassinated. She was also fluent in Spanish and French and spoke Italian and Polis while her husband was campaigning.
  • The second reason she is my hero is because she was the youngest first lady at the age of 31. She was very shy, but an incredible dresser and a favorite among the foreign dignitaries that would visit her in the white house. She was the first lady that was known for re-decorating the White House.
  • Prior to her husband's death, she was refused entry to his hospital room as he lay dying from his gun shot wound. She made her way into his room, so she could be with him when he died. After his death, she took off her wedding ring and put it on his finger and said, "Now I have nothing left." She refused to take off her blood-stained outfit as she entered Air Force One and continued to wear the outfit as President Lyndon Johnson was sworn into the Presidency.
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President Kennedy, Jaclyn, John Jr. and Caroline

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Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis

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President Kennedy and Jaclyn campaigning in Appleton, Wisconsin