The Freshman Scene with Team 2019

February 2016

February Updates

As the temperature drops off again this week and the winter doldrums are upon us, it is easy to understand the struggle to find motivation for many of our students. This is the most important time to find ways to make sure our students continue to do their best. Below you will find some information from Ms. Burke about academic support. Please don't hesitate to contact our team if we can be of assistance with this as well! A little goes a long way in talking with your students about their classes and what is happening on a daily basis.

For those of you who have not yet met with our Team, please contact us at any time to set up a parent meeting or discuss any questions or concerns you might have. All of our contact information can be found at the bottom of the newsletter.


Mr. Adam Poliskie
Assistant Principal, Team 2019

Academic Updates

Midterm Grades and Academic Assistance

With the Quarter 3 midterms here, please note that BHS offers multiple support resources for students who need extra time or attention.

  • Teacher Communication and Assistance
    • Teachers are the best resource for student success. If you have not called/emailed your student’s teacher please feel free to communicate with your student’s teachers.
    • Not only can teachers help parents and students understand the main issue being experienced in the classroom, but many BHS teachers offer office hours before or after school where students can get additional help or even re-teaching opportunities.
    • Please continue to log on to PowerSchool to check your child’s grades and track their progress.
  • National Honor Society Tutoring
    • Monday-Thursday from 3:00-4:00 (Wednesday 2:30-3:30) in the Media Center. Students are not required to go every day and could leave before 4:00 if needed. No sign up is required. This offers flexibility for various schedules.

Also, feel free to contact Team 2019 Academic Coach, Sarah Burke, with any questions or to schedule a meeting.

Updates on scheduling for 2016-2017

Team 2019 was proud to see that 94.6% of our students were able to successfully request their classes online through PowerSchool during open enrollment!

Just a reminder that Mrs. Frazer and Ms. Burke will be meeting with students to review their schedule requests and answer any last minute questions that you or your students may have. They have already met with students whose English teachers are Mr. Mattingly, Ms. Bess, and Ms. Gallagher. They will finish up with the following teachers on the dates below:

  • Nicolini- Monday, February 8th
  • Reynolds- Thursday, February 11th
  • Naviaux- Tuesday, February 16th.

If your student is absent on these days, a pass will be sent on days in between to make-up their meeting one-on-one. Schedules are not final until May 1st so changes may be made up until that date. If your student would like a schedule change after the meeting, please email Mrs. Frazer or Ms. Burke, or set up a meeting with the team.

Reminders about School Rules and Expectations

Late or Absent Students Reminder:

Please remember that if your student is absent or late to school for any reason you need to contact the team office at your earliest convenience to make sure that we properly mark attendance for the day. Students who show up late to school or are absent that we don’t receive a call or email about will be considered Truant and be assigned consequences for their truancy.

Requesting Homework for an Absence:

The quickest and most convenient way to get homework during an absence would be to contact teachers through PowerSchool. They are able to email most assignments directly to their students. Also, please check Schoology to see what the teachers have posted. If PowerSchool or Schoology log-in information is needed, please contact Mrs. Matherly.

Lanyard Reminder:

Our practice of wearing a lanyard and ID at all times is an expectation and considered part of our appearance guidelines. Lanyards and ID’s are required to enter each class- every period -- and should remain on at all times throughout the day. Replacement lanyards and ID’s may be purchased in the Team office. Lanyards: $2 ID: $3

ISTEP Information

Any Team 2019 student enrolled in Biology I this year will be taking the ISTEP exam coming up in March. If your student took Biology I in middle school and isn't currently enrolled in the course they will not take the ISTEP exam this year. Biology I teachers will be working hard with their students (as they have been all year!) to make sure our students are as prepared as possible for the exam.

Next year, ALL Team 2019 students will take the English and Math portions of the ISTEP exam.

Team 2019 Contact Information

Assistant Principal - Adam Poliskie,, ext. 1720
Guidance Counselor - Rebekah Frazer,, ext. 1703
Academic Coach - Sarah Burke,, ext. 1702
Administrative Assistant - Jennifer Matherly,, ext. 1701