Meteor Destruction

The Impact

The impact of a meteor can destroy the planet. Have you ever seen anything catch on fire? Imagine the whole atmosphere catching on fire. Then suddenly there is a huge fiery ball in the sky a few seconds away. When the meteor strikes the surface everything around it is instantly incinerated and vanishes. The impact creates shockwaves that rip buildings right off the Earth's surface. Meteor consequences are earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. There is miles of debris and millions of deaths in the surrounding area.
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Meteor Occurance

*4.5 billion years ago a meteor struck Pangaea and created our 7 continents and the moon.

*590 million years ago a meteor created a crater 4 kilometers deep and 40 kilometers wide.

*In 1490 a piece of a rock the size of a 12 story building broke the atmosphere above China.

*On February 15th, 2013 a meteor going 42,900 mph (60 times the speed of sound), struck in Russia.

Firey Meteor

As meteors enter the atmosphere, they gain impeccable speed, which causes it to heat up and catch fire. Meteors can go up to 72 km/h. This is more than the speed of sound!
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