Things common between IND and NEP



1) both are landlocked
2) both are mountainous
3) both are developing economy
4) both border only India and china
5) both have sino-tibetian languages as their national language
6) major portion of economy depends upon tourism


While being parts of broader South Asian culture, Nepal and India share special closeness and similarity in cultural tradition. They are so closely and strongly interlinked social life by and cultural tradition that nobody can imagine to separate them. Both have made great contributions to enriching religious and cultural heritage in this region.The cultural links between Nepal and India have many facets. Religion is perhaps the most important factor, and plays a predominant role in shaping the cultural relations between these two countries. This is manifested in the large number of peoples from both countries visiting each other's countries for pilgrimage

NEPAL and INDIA Beyond Boundaries

Another component of Nepal-India cultural relations is cinemas and music. Indian movies are popular in Nepal; and so is Indian music. Similarly, Nepali cinemas and music are popular in India, especially in places with concentration of the people of Nepalese origin, mainly in Northern and North-eastern India.


friends with benifits

The close cultural relationship between the peoples of Nepal and India is a great asset for both countries. This closeness has not only helped maintain traditional friendly relations between the two countries but has also greatly contributed to promoting mutual understanding, appreciating each other's aspirations, and cementing the existing ties of warm and cooperative neighborhood. This has remained, and will continue to remain, the strongest and unshakable link between these two countries.

Skiing down Mount Everest