Hurricane Katrina

By:Bailey Blair

The storm

The picture below is a picture of hurricane Katrina from space.
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The worst part

This is a picture of when the flood happened.
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The escape

Here is a picture of the traffic trying to get out of New Orleans.
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Many people couldn't get out. So some of them had to swim, get boats and such. Also no one could get in because all the streets and stuff like that were one way. Here's a quick pic.
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When storms are coming one thing I like to do is see the radar. So here's the radar.
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The path

Now I'm going to show you the path of hurricane Katrina.
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How long?

Here is a picture on the timeline of hurricane Katrina.
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What is a hurricane

Some of you might not know what a hurricane is. So I thought I might include that. Unfortunately I forgot how to do that so I show you that in a minute just search, what is a hurricane.

Thank you and bye

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this presentation. Thank you and bye.