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McDowell School News 2.12.16

What's Up?

Bus Duty
- 2/16/16-2/19/16
Witner - EW Office
Gyurky - Kickball Field

2/15/16 - NO SCHOOL!
2/16/16 - Morning Announcements
9:00-9:10 on Channel 2
- Jesse Ruben Community Concert @ 7PM @ HMS Auditorium-Tickets on sale in the office for $5.00 each
2/18/16 - Jesse Ruben visits McDowell. Concert at EW from 1:15PM-2:00PM. See schedule below
2/18/16 - Barn Social at Dani's after school (Sign up in the workroom to bring something)
2/25/16 - Eric from AXA Retirement Planning - Conference Room - 4-5PM
2/25/16 - Parent Technology Night from 6:00-7:30PM in gym
3/5/16 - Uschold Chili Party (Sign up in workroom to bring something)

9-9:30 - Orwig/Bradley in B-24
9:30-10:00 - Montgomery/Matchinga
10-10:30 - Richarson/Wilkins/Marshall
10:30-11:00 - LaScola, Chaloupka/Rushwin
11-11:30 - Standley/Wilson/Evans in C-11
11:30-12:00 - Caine/Miller in B-26
1:00 - Depart for concert at EW
1:15-2:00 - Concert at EW

McDowell will be hosting author, Jane O'Connor on 3/7/16. She is the author of the Fancy Nancy books appropriate for grades 1-4. There will be one all-school assembly on March 7, from 10:45-11:15, in the gym. The children are encouraged to wear their PJ's on this day, since Ms. O'Connor's book centers around sleepovers. Please mark your calendars now.
(This is in addition to author Natalie Lloyd, who will be here on 3/17/16.)


2/16 - Pat Armbruster


  • Finally, if you are in the full OTES model; meaning you have had the observation already, it is time to schedule your final observation. Please schedule with ME this week if at all possible for the observation to occur before March 1st.

    If you have not been observed this year, your time is also coming! Please schedule a half hour observation with ME to be completed in March 2016. Still quite a few of you folks left.

  • Thanks to Lorri for suggesting the video below

What's Your Biggest Regret? (Nobody Wants To Admit The Worst One Of All)