James Madison Jr.

4th President (1809-1817)

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Vice President: George Clinton

Early Life:

Born in Belle Grove Plantation near Port Conway Virginia on March 16, 1751.

Madison's parents (Nelly and James Sr.) had 12 kids (8 boys, 4 girls).

Nickname: Jemmy

Religion: Deist

Madison credits his desire to learn and succeed to Donald Robertson (His paid tutor on the plantation).


  • Went to Princeton University.
  • Served in the Virginia state legislature (1776-1779).
  • Was elected to the U.S. House of Representative in 1789 & 1790.
  • Known as "the father" of the Bill of Rights.


  • Passed a bill to charter a second national bank which was essential for the war against Britain. -Success
  • Lead the nation into the war of 1812 which he regrets later in his term. - Failure
  • Madison orders Andrew Jackson (Military Commander) to protect Indian land. Jackson disobeyed.
  • Signed Macon's Bill no.2 which allowed French and English goods to be traded. - Success
  • Helped establish the Democratic-Republican Party - Success
  • Last act before leaving office: vetoed the bonus bill of 1817 which would have financed the construction of roads bridges and canals. - Undecided