The Carolina Panthers

By: Kade Nelson Ms. Billings/2nd Block 2/5/16

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“The panthers are one of the most successful teams in the NFL.”(“Super Bowl Week Panthers Quotes 2/2”)

The Carolina Panthers

History of the Carolina Panthers

  • The Carolina Panthers were established in 1995.

  • The panthers first head coach was Dom Capers.

  • The panthers first played in the NFC West division (Kelley 13).
  • Have a 166-169-1 regular season record ("Carolina Panthers Franchise Encyclopedia" 1).
  • In 2003, the panthers went to Super Bowl XXXVIII ("Carolina Panthers" 1).

Famous Players and Coaches

  • Sam Mills is the only retired number. He was a linebacker who was inducted in the Hall of Fame 1998 and his number was 51.
  • DeAngelo Williams is the panthers all-time rushing leader with 6.846.
  • John Fox is the winningest coach for Carolina with 73 wins ("Carolina Panthers Franchise Encyclopedia" 1).
  • Jake Delhomme led the panthers to the Super Bowl in 2003, but lost to the patriots 32-29. He is the panthers leading passer with 19, 258 yards in the air (Kelley 19).
  • Mike McCormack was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1997 as a general manager and president of the panthers.
  • Luke Kuechly won rookie of the year and all pro in 2013. He is on track to be the leading tackler in the NFL ("Carolina Panthers" 1).

Facts and Stats

  • The panthers are 9-6 in the playoffs.
  • The panthers are 0-2 in the Super Bowl after a loss this year to the Broncos 24-10.
  • Carolina's worst regular season record was in 2001 when they went 1-15 ("Carolina Panthers Franchise Encyclopedia" 1).
  • The panthers longest interception return was 97 yards for a pick-six by Julius Peppers.
  • Carolina's first winning season was in 1996(their second year after being established) when they went 12-4 ("Carolina Panthers" 1).

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