The November Flyer

Santa's puppies


Michael Long

Mylee Robinson

Dana Werner

Ben Roesland

November Birthdays :]

Ben Nov.9

Aaron Nov.15

Grant Nov. 25

Language Arts

In our owl essay we used five paragraphs. we wrote about habitats, body parts, and how they hunt.


We were reading Aero and officer Mike Aero sits in the back of Mike's car.They are great friends.


We've been doing multiplacation in math we were doing arrays in math rows are tall colums are wide.


Owl pellets we dissected owl pellets then we glued the remains of what it ate into a new animal or the real animal.

Social Studies

We've been learning about Pocahontas and all Native Americans and John Smith.
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Power Math

Fractions you need a denominator and numerator to build a fraction.