The Road to Perseverance

By Nick Batiste


Perseverance is not giving up when the going gets tough. The following have persevered, Oscar Vasquez from Spare parts, Maury Wills from major league baseball, Caine from Caine's arcade, May from May-B, Najda the violin player, and Jackie Robinson the first black MLB player. This newsletter will show people who are faced with adversities and try to get past them.

Compare and Contrast of Oscar and Maury

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Description of Caine's Arcade

Caine was a little boy that lived in Los Angles, California. He really wanted to make his own arcade but he couldn't afford it all so he got creative and made his arcade out of cardboard and designed everything on his own. Since he Caine was only 9 years old, it wasn't the best quality arcade which caused him to rarely have any customers. For a long time caine only had 1 customer and it was the same man every time. Another goal he wanted to achieve was to make some money but he did not have any people who played so he didn't make any.At that point , Caine was desperate for ambition. Since his dad was busy all the time with work he did not help Caine make any games or get attention from people walking by.Another adversity Caine faced was that he was the only person that worked at his arcade so if he were to have several customers it would be hard because he couldn't do all of it at once.

Cause and effect of May-B

When May was all by herself at the Oblinger’s small house in the woods it was winter. Obviously in the winter blizzards can occur and be deadly or make it hard to survive. Also she ran extremely low on food so she had to pace herself and eat small amounts of food over the 5 months. If it wasn’t winter none of the snow would have happened and she could have left the house and looked for people to help her and go out and find more food. She also wouldn’t have been freezing.
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Sequence of Najda Salerno-Sonnenburg

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Jackie Robinson Problem/Solution

Jackie Robinson was the very first African American Baseball player to every play in the MLB. Obviously this took place during segregation and he was not accepted. Also when he was a kid he was very poor so he did not have a good childhood experienced. When he was playing in the MLB, his teammates did not fully accept him. Another adversity Jackie faced was whenever Jackie made a good play, the umpire of the game was against him. Jackie didn’t care he just kept on doing his thing and playing great. At times he got really frustrated but overcame it within a day.Overall Jackie had to persevere almost every minute of his life.