Drivers Ed

Information About The app

What is the drivers ed app ?

Drivers Education or Drivers Ed is an application that is downloadable on the App store for apple products, androids etc. The purpose of the app is for students to have a better understanding of the rode. This app contains many beneficial components.

What to expect from the app?

In the app, there are four sections that will help a user have more knowledge about driving. In addition, there is a study section were a user is able to pick a state they will like to study. After the state is selected, the drivers manual pops up and the user is able to access the manual and study. Another section of the app is "Tips and Tricks." The tips and Tricks have pointers and cues for the written and driver test. There is a practice section on the app. There are a list of driving scenarios and a user is able to practice those situations. Lastly, there is a test. The test is compacted with information, questions and answers that could help on the written and the drivers.