Modern Inventions

Made production faster for people of history, and still is

In the 1750's, cotton cloth from India became very popular

In the putting out system, raw cotton was distributed to peasant families who spun it into thread and then wove the thread into cloth in their own homes, then skilled artisans in the towns finished the cloth and then dyed it.

Under the putting out system, AKA the cottage industry, production was very slow

As the demand for cloth grew, a string of remarkable devices that revolutionized the British textile industry was born from inventions.

Inventors and their inventions that helped the cotton industry

All of the above people had an important role in modern inventions in the 1700's, and below are their inventions

One great inventor

A great inventor, Samuel F. B. Morse invented the telegraph in 1836, which allowed people to communicate even when hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Another great inventor

Another great inventor of the inventor of the industrial revolution was Henry Ford. A lot of people think that he invented the automobile but in fact he did not, he invented the assembly line which made production of building cars much faster in the 1850s.

Why cars were important in the 1850's

Cars in the 1850's were important because it made it easier and faster to transport goods like cloth to and from skilled artisans' houses.

Inventions are still making things faster and easier for people today

Now it's time for some real modern inventions

By William Robinson

This world history project was presented by William Robinson, November 8th, 2013, dirt bike rider, rocket scientist, man.

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