Decisions Decisions Decide

Buy an X-box or a Basketball

Define the Decision

One decision that I had to make when I saved up my money and wanted to buy something was to either buy a basketball or and x-box. That was a tough decision for me because I wanted both of them. Also I had played with a basketball before and played x-box before, so I know what it is like. This is the decision or deciding process that I had to go through to know which one to get.

Estimate Rsources Available

A few things that help me get to where I needed to be and what I needed to buy it with were money I am going to buy the item with, the store I am going to buy something at,, the car that I drove in, and also the road that I drove on to get here. The money will help me get the item I want because it will buy the item. Money is a currency that is produced to buy needs or wants that people have earned like me. It will buy the item for me to make it mine. Also the store will help me because that is where I will buy the item. If there was no store then I would not be able to purchase anything. The car will help me because it will drive me to the store and make sure I get there. Lastly, the road will help me because if there was no road people would not be able to drive places very easily. For matter fact they would be driving off road.

Consider Alternatives

A few other things that I might want to do are save my money, buy something different, or buy a different ball than the one that I want. I think that saving your money could be a choice because then you could save up for something better and different. Also, the more money you have, the more you can use to buy a really nice car or something else that you want that might be pretty expensive. Buying something different is another decision because maybe you end up not even wanting one of the things, but you want something different. If you bought an X-box and you barely use it than it’s not worth the money that you paid. The last other choice is maybe you want a different kind of basketball than the one you were looking at.

Information Gather

My information that I gathered was that the ball is cheaper, I have used the kind of ball before, and I have played X-box before. If the ball is cheaper than I might want to buy it because I won’t have to spend as much money. That way I have more money left over if I want to buy something else. Also, I have used the ball before so I know what it is like. If I know what it is like than I know I will want it because personal experience. I have also played x-box before so I know if I want it or not. That will tell me if I want a basketball or an x-box.

Evaluate the Decision

My decision is that I want a basketball instead of an x-box. I decided that because it is cheaper and I like basketball better than x-box. I think this is the best decision for me because it fits me more than x-box does. I love this basketball because I can bring it to my games to use and practices with.