Analyizing Viola

By : Alyssa HERRERA

Viola's Idenitity

Viola is strong, confident, brave and intelligent. She is strong physically because she has to not only hang out with guys but she had to live with guys. She has to get used to talk the way she talked, walk the way she walked, act the way she acted and girls don't like a lot like guys now she had to change her whole look to not stand out. She is brave because she had to shower, shave, hang and live with guys and it takes a lot of guts to do something like that. She is confident because she knew should could do something like that after a lot of people refused to help her or get her where she needed to be. In the movie She's the Man Viola asked her friends and her boyfriend to help her get on the boys soccer team and when that didn't work she asked her friends to help het get into Illyria and get on their boys soccer team. (She's the Man)

Perceptions of Viola

Viola is looked at as a friend, nerd and enemy. She is looked at as a friend from Duke and many others. She is looked at as a enemy by Malcom. She is looked at as a nerd by basically everyone at first but later on becomes more popular. "Seriously dude how old ARE you?" This was a quote from She's The Man when she first comes into the dorm and meets her roommate and his friends. This shows that she did not really fit in as well because of her appearances and other things she lacked.

Viola's Gender

Viola is acting like her brother so she can beat the Cormal boys soccer team. While her brother is away in London performing music. She has to dress, act, talk, walk and be the best man she can be while not only hanging out with guys but living with them as well. She has to learn how to toughen up and stay her character and not let her mom, friend, want to be lover and enemies find out her real identity and show her true love and passion for soccer. She later proves how tough and strong she can be during this time period because she has a lot of guys to impress and show off what she's got as a man. During a part of the movie She's The Man she gets hit between the legs with a soccer ball. As a girl this would not hurt as all but as a guy she has to act like she is in pain. (She's The Man) This shows that she is truly working hard to be on the soccer team and show that she can do and or be like a man.

Simalairites and Differences Between Me and Viola

Me and Viola have a few things in common. We both have some kind of sport we would stick up for and that we really like, though I don't think I would dress like a guy to be on the team. Me and Viola both have brothers and are used to acting like them and not so lady like. Viola has divorced parents so I know the struggle she goes to. Though we have some things in common we have our differences too. She is the youngest and of two and I am the oldest of four. She spends more time outside and I spend more time with friends outside and if I'm not doing that ill be inside.