(Rebooted) Bionicles 2015

By Michael Cordes

Start of Bionicles

•The start of Bionicles was in 2000.

•Originally started as a sub-theme of Lego's Technic series.

•The story was about heroic beings called Toa. They had to fight against the evils of their world and protect the Matoran.

•The Matoran was a village of all the elements. Fire, Water, Nature and Jungles, Ice, Stone/Rock, and Earth. The Toa's names are Tuha- Fire, Lewa- Nature and Jungles, Gali- Water, Kopaka- Ice, Pohatu- Rock, and Onua- Earth.

End and Rebooted of Bionicles.

Bionicles ended on 2010 and was replaced by Hero Factory. In 2015, Bionicles rebooted and started a new series.

(Rebooted) Bionicles 2015 Toa

(Rebooted) Bionicles 2015 Protectors

The Beginning

Bionicle: THE LEGEND - Trailer (NYCC Panel)
LEGO Bionicle 2015 Promotional Trailer