Reece Lloyd Craig

Rely on us to make it happen!

No ordinary estate agents...

Reece Lloyd Craig Residential Lettings gives more of a family feel to your big move than any other estate agent ever in existance! Well, we try anyway. We'll work 24/7 to get your house sold and sorted as quickly as possible, for a good fee to follow too. Don't take it from us though! Even if your just looking to browse the properties we have to offer, or if your looking to get serious with the transition from one area to another, pop in! We won't bite! Well, when I say we don't bite...

For that next step, rely on us to make it happen.

On Blyth's Corner

You can't miss us, we're right next to the market (only on specific days). If the market has packed up, you'll find us opposite Greenwoods. See you there!

See the red and black on the right-hand side of the picture? Thats us!

Use your broadband wisely...

E-mail us. Call us. Visit our website. Whatever! Unfortunately we haven't got a Facebook or Twitter page just yet, sorry. If you've got this far down the flyer, we would love to know what you think of it, and what you think of us so far. Thank you!!!

Your one of the lucky 1000 in the area that got one of these flyers. Dont waste it!