Student Transition to Microsoft 365

Cabarrus County Schools

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New email address! Your email address is now

For example,

Signing In!

  • Click on the Office 365 Link on the Student page.
  • The direct URL is so bookmark it!
  • You will sign in with your entire email address! Student email addresses are now!!!
  • So you will no longer use
  • At home you will be asked for your password. It may ask you twice to enter your log in information. That is ok, enter it again.
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Become familiar with Microsoft OneDrive. You no longer have a student drive on the actual computer that you can save to. You must save to the cloud using the OneDrive portal. I highly recommend another backup of your documents also (flashdrive, external hard drive, or CD).
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Creating Documents--NEW PROCEDURE!

Create Office documents in Office 365 to have the files saved directly to OneDrive. If you create an Office document using the icons on the desktop, you have to manually upload the file to OneDrive – remember, students you do not have a network drive anymore.

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Install 5 Copies of Office At Home!

Use the install button on personal devices to install copies of Office. You can find the install button on the main page of the Office 365 portal. Do not install these on school owned devices. It will waste one of your licenses.


1. Does iPhone/iPad setup change for the new email system?

Yes those directions can be found here. Use the new directions after our transition date.

2. Can we access our documents anywhere?

Yes, as with all cloud based systems, you can access your OneDrive everywhere!

3. Can you share OneDrive docs like you can in Google?

Yes! You can collaborate fully in 365. You can share documents with teachers and other students in the CCS system.

4. Will we still have a shared folder?

With 365 there is no need for a shared folder. Students and colleagues can instantly "share" documents and work from your from the web! The Shared Drive as you know it will not be accessible next year.

5. Will we still have a desktop version of Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. on the school computer?

Yes. You will still have these applications on the desktop like you do now. It will be the 2013 version!

6. What do I do if I have a problem with my account?

Tell your teacher! They will submit a technology workorder.