Symmetry Poster

By: Madison Earnhardt & Kambrin Fisher


Description - is a characteristic of animals that are capable of moving freely through their environments.

Phylum - Platyhelminthes, Arthropoda, Annelida, Mollusca and Chordata.

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Description - Something that can not be equally divided , very simple body plan

Phylum - Porifera spong and fish

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Description - symmetry around a central axis, as in a starfish or tulip flower

Phylum - Ctenophora ,Cnidaria

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Anterior- near the front, especially situated in the front of the body or nearer the head.

Posterior- further back in position; of or nearer the rear or hind end, especially of the body or a part of it

Dorsal- of, on, or relating to the upper side or back of an animal, plant, or organ.


Ventral- of on or relating to the underside of a animal or plant

Lateral- of at toward or from the side or sides