Elder Scrolls

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Elder scrolls areana

the elder scrolls series has began right at the begging of the gamming franchise from being a tiny fist person pixel game to the game that it is today that is a massive free roaming RPG were you can go anywhere and do anything. Also there where so many secrets and mysteries that where explained in the books that where randomly found around the elder scrolls so you had to read to make sure you knew everything and the interesting names that where given to locations also had different meanings like the name for the game Oblivion that is actually the name given to hell in Latin and the oblivion gates do in fact take you to a hellish land.
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Elder Scrolls oblivian

there have been many games in the franchise but one which I am the most memorable of is Oblivion which showed a different aspect of gaming at the time which was a massive RPG which held a amazing amount of secrets which ranged from Easter eggs to inside hidden plots and kept the gamer wanting more.

here are some images of the games

This game is massive and is gauranted to be fun

This is one of the new games called elder scrolls online

this game has added a major new aspect to the elder scrolls franchise by making the series a online RPG which allows you to travel all around the elder scrolls world when the over games just restricted you to a small island this game gives you the whole world which would take a year to travel every corner and every crack of this amazing new RPG where you can team up with your friends and go against massive bosses that are vicious and go against over players in huge wars to fight for there guild hall so you can take over the whole of the map and become the best guild because each race is part of a guild which is constantly fighting against another one. also look out for books because they could wholed the secret to how the dwemer had disappeared and how they all vanished which no one knows the answer to and is a mager secret to all the hardcore players