Panther Pride

Norfolk Jr. High

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Elainey Ramaekers

Cube Racer

Cube Racer is my favorite app because I play it when I'm bored. There's an arrow on the screen, that's you. And you go through boxes. If you touch a box with the arrow you lose. To move side to side you have to tilt the screen.You know when you go to the next level because the boxes change colors.

Wreck It Ralph

A video game villain, Ralph, decides he doesn't want to be the bad guy any more, because nobody appreciates what he does in his game. So he sets off to a different game troubling his quest and the whole arcade! But on the way, he helps his new friend to her destiny, and he realizes that he is very important to his game after all.

Trading card story.

One day Redneck Monkey decides to go to the Waterpark Ocean, like he does everyday. He decided to go off the 30 ft. high diving board when he hits the water, and he just kept going down and he couldn't stop himself, he was drowning. He felt something pick him up. It was a mermaid, and she lived in the ocean. She brought him back to his tree to make sure he was O.K.. For a snack they had Redneck Monkeys favorite snack, Skittles and milk. When they where done eating, Mermaid decided to leave. They agreed to meet each other the next day at Waterpark Ocean. The next day they met each other and they had so much fun hanging out together. Channing Tatum came and hang out with them though, because Redneck Monkey and Channing Tatum are bestvfriends. Since then, Redneck Monkey, Mermaid, and Channing Tatum hang out everyday going down the slides, swinging from vines, jumping off the diving board,and jumping on the trampoline.

By:Elainey Ramaekers and Katrina Klabunee

Argument(for/against year round schooling

I am for year-round schooling because I think we wouldn't have to review as much if we had year-round school. Me and my family would be able to take more vacations. Everyone would stay fit all through out the year with school sports and PE. School days might be shorter and I would have more social time with friends.

Dance( topic of choice)

Twelve Facts on Dance

#1. Social dancing is equal to the excercise of a four mile walk.

Fact #2. Dance is a proven stress and tension reducer for the mind and body.

Fact #3.Studies have shown that regular activity through dance can help prevent heart disease and decrease blood pressure.

Fact #4. Dancing also helps strengthen your bones and joints, preventing osteoporosis, and keeps your weight in check, helping against diabetes.

Fact #5. Dancers are elite athletes as well as artists. They follow strict training and must stay in top condition, just like professional athletes, such as basketball or hockey players.

Fact #6. Dancers have extraordinary flexibility, muscular strength and both physical and mental endurance.

Fact #7. The art of creating dances is called choreography and the person who creates it is called the choreographer.

Fact #8. Dance is an art, but it takes an athlete to dance.

Fact #9. Dance consumes a lot of energy. A three hour ballet dance is equivalent to two 90-minute soccer games or running 19 miles.

Fact #10. A physiotherapist is a doctor who treats injuries caused by dancing.

Fact #11. Dance is a form of expression moving the body to a rhythm or to music.

Fact #12.The seven movements of dance are: Bending, Gliding, Turning, Stre
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Nersery Rhyme( Hey Diddle Diddle)

Hey,Diddle, Diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped on the world’s biggest trampoline over the moon. They jumped at night during a party in Italy to impress the little dog.

The little dog laughed to see such a sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon because they were hungry and they wanted to go out to eat at Pizza Hut.

What Is Your Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream?

Choices Tally Marks Total for ea. Row Percent


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Cookie Dough

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Cokies n Cream

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