Equal Pay Act

By : Shaquore Caldwell &' Elijah Perdue

The Major Event

On June 10 , 1963 in the United States president JFK signed the bill for equal pay for both GENDER. This event involed women and this event was important because an act to prohibit discrimination on account of sex in the pagement of wages.

The People Involved In I The Event !!!!


JFK ws born on May 29 , 1917 and died on November 22 , 1963. JFK was important because he was the president and he had to pass the law. When he sign the bill it affected women because they get the amout of money men are getting paid.

Deep Thinking !!!!

This affected women because now get the amout of men where they work. The world would be different because women would get lower pay and maybe not enough to survive. If JFK wasn't born another president maybe wouldn't sign the bill. Our mom wouldn't get as much money as they get now.