The Cold War

8 Events That Prolonged the Cold War

The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain was the divide between Eastern (Communist) Europe, and Western (Democratic) Europe. It continued the gap between the two different parties, and kept everyone from being united as one continent with different views that could be respected.

The Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw pact was a military alliance between European communist states. It strengthened the communist bond and helped to spread the communist influence.
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Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge were communist rebels that tried to set up a communist government in Cambodia. They were responsible for the Cambodian genocide. If people didn't agree to communist rule, they were killed. From doing this, many allowed communist teachings in order to avoid conflict or death.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Nikita Khrushchev set up 42 missile towards the U.S., and would remove them only if the U.S. didn't intervene with Cuba. This kept the two countries on the brink of war for almost two weeks, and scared citizens.

Civil War in Nicaragua

This was the Communist vs. Anti- Communist war that lasted over a decade. Fortunately it resulted in free elections, but it was still one of the many conflicts that dragged on the Cold War.
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