Smoking While Pregnant

Samantha Nickler


-lower amount of oxygen to your baby

-increase baby's heart rate

-increased risk of premature birth/stillbirth

-increased risk of birth defects

-increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome

  • the more cigarettes you smoke a day, the greater chance our baby will develop these health problems.

Secondhand smoking can be just as bad!

Exposing yourself and your baby to smoking areas will also effect your child. The baby will have an increased risk of asthma, lung cancer, and premature birth. It is best for you to stay out of public areas like restaurants and bars to make sure your baby will be healthy.


Over 29.9% woman smoke while pregnant

Over 24% of their babies die or have a defect

Over 44% of woman pregnant have breathed in some type of secondhand smoke

Over 38.9% of children have secondhand smoked