Can you hear me now?

Monday Memo - January 25, 2016

This day in History....

This day in 1915, Alexander Graham Bell in New York and Thomas Watson in San Francisco made a record telephone transmission. Look how far we have come fellow techies and skypers! .............Hello?

Happy last week of January!

Dates to Note:

Monday, January 25:
  • Discovery Me 9:30 - 11 am
  • Golf Team Parent Meeting @ 3:45 pm

Tuesday, January 26:

  • Oak Farm Connects @ Warm Heart Food Pantry in Waterloo

Thursday, January 27:

  • Deadline for signing up for after school clubs
  • Parent Ed: Lower to Upper Moving Up @ 6 - 7:30 pm
  • Toddler Cook Day

Friday, January 29:

  • Infant/Toddler Closed

Monday, February 1:

  • February lunches open to order

Thursday, February 4:

  • Parent Ed: 6th grade to MS Moving Up @ 6-7:30 pm

Small Fry Banter...

"In aftercare today, are you going to come by and give us the power?" Vic House.

(Background to this quote: Every night I give Sandy the clicker to unlock the front door of the Vic House before I go home. We joke with one another saying, "I give you the power" as I hand her the clicker) LOL!!

A Blurb from Ben

Laundry Baskets
A couple of weeks ago most of the classrooms received a laundry basket from Lisa. These need to be left in your cubby area at the end of each day for the cleaners. It is taking them a lot of extra time to move things while they are cleaning, and they are hoping for a central place to put these items that are left on the floors to make their job a little more efficient. If you notice your baskets are getting full, please take some time (or have your students) and sort through the items and put them away. You may choose to keep your laundry baskets anywhere you want during the day, however they need to be in the cubby when you leave each day. Infants and Toddlers this doesn't apply to you at this time. Thanks!

Did you know.....

For all you smart phone lovers at Oak Farm, there is a free music app for your phone called Spotify. But this does not JUST play music! After you download the app, go to browse in settings. You can pick the mood of music you would like to listen to. At the very bottom of the genres you will find "word". When you select this you can listen to some great speakers in history! Some are even former Presidents! Very Cool! Check it out!!

Kickin' it with Kelly!

Classrooms will be receiving their February lunch reports this week. Please note that we have allowed parents/students to order for our two make-up snow days, February 12th & February 15th. No one is being charged for these two days unless we end up using them, but we also want to avoid as much confusion as possible.

"And the winner is....." (Drum roll, please!)

The winner of the bulletin board trivia question is....Angie Black! Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a $5.00 gift card from subway! Thanks for playing and keep your eyes open next month for another great give away!

A Moment with Macy....

Attendance Reminder: For Infant - Upper Classrooms

Please be sure parents are giving you a "sign out/in" pass when picking up or dropping off their student. By getting this it lets you know that they have checked in/out with the Admin Office which also means attendance will be recorded accurately. Someone from the office will contact your classroom when the parent leaves the Vic House so you have a heads up and the child can get ready. These calls will come via radio for Vic House classrooms and via phone for Lower & Upper.

If a parent comes to your door without a pass, please kindly remind them of the policy to sign in/out at the Vic House and give them the purpose for it and then after they leave, radio/call Nan right away so she can update the attendance log.

Gala - Who to sit with

Some parents have asked about purchasing tickets for teachers. Please know that you don't have to sit with them even if they bought your ticket. If you need help figuring out a polite way to say this to parents, please touch base with Macy or Sarah - both can help with some kind words that show your appreciation. You all know what is best for you in those situations - the Gala Committee wants to honor seating requests as much as possible, but we are unable to do so if we don't know what you prefer! We covered this topic in last week's All things Gala email to parents & faculty - hopefully this will help curb any awkwardness!


If you are having problems with websites being blocked, please let Lauren know. Recently, we have had some problems with computer viruses and it was recommended that we increase our filtering of websites. This may result in websites that you previously could access being blocked.

Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens......

Anna Outten has been wanting to create a way to collect data of the individual staff’s favorite things. The hope is that by collecting this information when people ask about ideas for the staff or anyone needs ideas for doing something thoughtful the information will all be in one place. This info could also be beneficial during staff appreciation week. We know that it is the thought that counts when receiving from others, but it is also enjoyable to receive things that are favorites.

Anna has created a google form that can be filled out by clicking the link below. The form should take less than 5 minutes to complete. The answers you submit will be exported to a spreadsheet. Copies of the spreadsheet can be kept in the office or accessed by contacting Nan or Anna. You have the option to update your answers at any time.

Please take a moment and click the link below to fill in a few answers about your favorite things.

Lifting it up with Lori Z.!

Spring Sports Updates (The season is "just around the corner!")

Note: Weekly athletic emails will begin again in March. For now, you will periodically receive an email on athletics. If you child is signed up for a sport, you will receive information on that specific sport. If you do NOT receive regular emails and your child is signed up, please let Nan or Lori Z. know.


Monday, January 25th

Who: Meeting for Oak Farm Golfers and Parents

Where: Middle School commons area

When: 3:45pm and will take approximately 30 minutes

Please have appropriate paperwork filled out. If your child has previously played a sport this school year and physical is up to date, you will not need to fill any paperwork out. Forms are attached.

Note: Our golf team is full!


Detailed information for Track will be distributed in February with the registration deadline February 26th. We were excited about several inquiries on coaching and feel very positive about the leadership and experience our coaches will bring to our athletes. The season will be mid-March through Mid-may (Note: Spring Break week will not have practice). Track will be open to any 5th through 8th grader with two practices per week and meets once to twice a week starting mid April. You are welcome to sign your child up at any time. We have 20 spots left on the track team.

Go Spring Sports! Thank you Coaches, Parents and Athletes for all you bring to Oak Farm Athletics!

“Mr. Watson — Come here — I want to see you.

[First intelligible words spoken over the telephone]”

Alexander Graham Bell

Up and coming Birthdays!

2/1: Cathy Sauder

2/10: Jodi Lambert

2/25: Candy Slabaugh and Nancy Hathaway