Mrs. Bailey's Newsletter

Week of September 28th- October 2nd

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New Six Weeks Grading Period

Wow! Can you believe that the first six weeks is over already? It has been a pleasure getting to know your kids. They are full of curiosity and are fun to work with each day.

If your child scored below a 70 on a summative assignment, or if they are missing any items, they need to see me during advisory tomorrow or tutorials on Tuesday. All missing and corrected work must be in by end of school Tuesday. A new six weeks means a fresh start!

This Week At A Glance

Last week we worked on understanding the design of the scientific method. We worked to understand the importance of using a structured and consistent method in the world of science, as well as, the process iteself. This week we will continue to understand some of the elements within the scientific method including the types of variables, types of data collected, and how to properly graph the data. Thursday and Friday we will pull all our knowledge together from lab safety, lab tools, scientific method, and scientific reporting while we complete our GUM lab. The gum lab will be an assessment of these skills.

You can find the weekly agenda posted on our class webpage, along with links to the ISN table of contents and handouts from class. Also on the webpage is an online learning login help link.

Classroom Donations

If you are feeling extra generous, we certainly could use a few items...

  • Gum for the lab (sugar and sugarfree varieties needed)
Please send donations by Wednesday.
  • various sorts of candy for rewards (no gum for rewards please)
  • brightly colored paper for class handouts/activities
  • several sets of grading pens for students (fun colors)
  • Carefresh bedding (for Zeus)
  • Canned mealworms & Dried mealworms (for both Zeus and Tuck)
  • Various Bearded Dragon food mixes (petstore)