Late Breaking News

with Mr. Horak (Thursday December 10th)

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Our TEDx Winners are....

First Place:

*Genevieve Newton (Harriet Tubman the Woman)

An exceptionally well written speech with historically accurate and interesting facts about the well-known humanitarian, Harriet Tubman! Genevieve had a command of her delivery that included confidence, tone, and volume, while engaging the audience! A fabulously given speech with style and grace!

Second Place Tie:

*Hannah Kelley (Elect Me for President)

If this young lady were running for President, she may just win! Hannah introduced some of the best character traits a leader should possess, and she does possess them herself! What a strong and confident young lady. Remember, Vote for Kelley!

*Grant Bonzo (Movies Become Cliches)

A fun personal perspective of the modern film industry! Grant provided humor and insight into the doldrums of what we feel when paying exorbitant amounts of money to go to the movie theater to see the same old same! Roll the credits Grant, roll the credits......

Third Place:

*Maraya Cheek (Benefits to Playing Basketball)

Why play Basketball? Well, Maraya outlined 3 important reasons why to play basketball and the benefits of being good at it! Great eye contact and a personal enthusiasm were just some of the great skills used in this speech. A SLAM DUNK speech!

Congratulations to all of our students for completing their TEDx speeches and a special thank you to our winners! You all did a WONDERFUL job!

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Genavieve Newton Wins 1st Place!

Genavieve will participate next Wednesday (December 16th) in our all school Tedx competition. Congrats on your ALL STAR performance, and good luck next week Genavieve!