I hope you had an enjoyable three day weekend. The year is off to a great start. Now that we have been in school for a couple of weeks, I hope you have been able to find some opportunities for making positive contacts home with parents.

Have a wonderful week!

What's Going This Week

Monday- No School ( Labor Day)

Tuesday- Cross Country Meet @ Western Brown/ Volleyball Game @ Home ( Batavia)

Shelly Nooe's Birthday

Wednesday- EH- Focus Groups

Thursday- Volleyball Game @Williamsburg

Friday- TGIF :)

Saturday- Cross Country Meet @ Home

School Safety

Last week the Crisis Team met. Lockdown drills were discussed, and it was decided that once the lockdown concluded, there would be a specific word to notify teachers that lockdown is over. Teachers would be asked to check their email to know what the word was.

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Weekly Professional Development Resource:

Weekly Professional Development Resource:

Every week I will be adding in a short professional development resource that might be of interest to you.

6 Practices That “Work” to Accelerate Student Learning

This blog’s author briefly explains Hattie’s work and then outlines six high impact strategies for your classroom. She writes,“What Works in the classroom shifts from a buzzword to intentional practice that will accelerate learning. While Hattie identifies many influences above .40, the list is narrowed down to 6 that apply to all educators.

I have been searching the web for some closure activities. Here are a few sites that jumped out.

· http://www.theteachertoolkit.com/index.php/tool/category/C9

· https://www.edutopia.org/blog/22-powerful-closure-activities-todd-finley

· http://mcps.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_92164/File/General%201/Lesson%20Closure%20Activities.pdf

· https://www.pinterest.com/melissawthomp/lesson-closure/?lp=true