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fall injures two kids

Fall Injures Two Kids

By Dylan Oligmueller

There has been two injured kids. On a mountain outside of Colorado in the morning on Tuesday, December,10, 2012.The two kids Jack and Jill were both injured on Slippery Slope. Jack slipped on a patch of ice and rolled down the hill and broke his crown and Jill tripped over him and skinned her elbow. They were sent by sick mother Jane to get a bucket of water. Jill was scared and yelled for her mother Jane to come and help. The two had to be taken to Beaver County Hospital. Jack had a big goose egg on the top of his head and Jill had a bad skinned knee. They were both sent home after the accident.

School Uniforms

I think school uniforms are a bad idea because you would get bored of wearing the same thing. Everybody needs individuality. You can't keep kids in a confined space of rules for what they wear for clothing. It costs school money for emblems on clothing. Some people feel better in different styles of clothes. You express yourself in your clothes.

Bike Race

I like bike race because you can race with your friends and unlock different bikes. You unlock different levels and places.

ameer abdullah

This would be the greatest football player to live, according to me, so if you want to learn more about Ameer Abdullah read this.

First, he is a football player for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and his jersey number is #8. He is 5 ft. 9 in. and 185 lbs. He is a sophomore in college. He averages 22.6 yards per carry every time he runs the ball down the field.

Second, when he was a freshman, he was the top kick returner in the nation. He was born in Homewood, Alabama. He has won very many awards

  • Second-Team All-Big Ten Running Back (Coaches, 2012)
  • Second-Team All-Big Ten Punt Returner (Phil Steele, 2012)
  • Third-Team All-Big Ten Running Back (Phil Steele, 2012)
  • Johnny "The Jet" Rogers Return Specialist Semifinalist (1 of 12) (2012)
  • Paul Hornung Watch List (1 of 49) (2012)
  • Big Ten Special Teams PLayer of the Week (vs. Idaho State, 2012)
  • Preseason Watch List Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers Return Specialist (2012)
  • First-Team All-Big Ten (Kickoff Returner,, 2011)
  • Second-Team All-Big Ten (Kickoff Returner, Phil Steele, 2011)
  • Big Ten All-Freshman Team (Kickoff Returner and Punt Returner,, 2011)
  • Big Ten All-Freshman Team (Punt Returner and Running Back,, 2011)
  • Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week (vs. Fresno State, 2011)
  • Big Ten Freshman of the Week (vs. Fresno State, 2011)
  • ESPN Midseason All-American (Kickoff Returner, 2011)
  • School Record Holder for Single-Game Kickoff Returns Yards (211 vs. Fresno State, 2011)
  • Nebraska Student-Athlete HERO Leadership Award (2012)

Last, but not least, Ameer Abdullah would like to be an All-American. He has two brothers in the NFL. In his career, he has 268 attempts, 1,287 total yards, and 11 touchdowns. In his 2012 season, he had 226 attempts, 1,137 total yards, and 8 touchdowns.

Now you will know all about Ameer Abdullah.

moive reviw

The main actors and actresses are Sean Michael Cunningham,Robert Belushi,Tristin Mays,Larramie Doc Shaw,Brandon T. Jackson,James Belushi,Taylor Gray,Kevin Duran.

The movie is about a kid that isn't good at basketball, and his dad takes him to a Thunder game, and he takes Kevin Durant’s talent and now Kevin is bad. It takes place in Oklahoma. The message of the movie is you don’t have to be a great basketball player. It’s rated PG. I thought the movie was great because I like basketball.

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