Annual Central PA Literacy Banquet

Meet the Authors: Why do we write?

Rick Franzo

Rick Franzo (How Horseshoes Saved My Life): In the spring of 2009 Rick was playing horseshoes at a barbecue when he lost his strength and coordination in the right side of his body. It was unexpected and had never happened before so he went to the doctor. After seeing a neurologist and having an MRI he was told he had a brain tumor roughly the size of a cheeseburger that had been growing for nearly a decade. If he hadn’t of gone to the doctor when he did, he would have been dead within two weeks of the barbecue. After ten and a half hours of surgery to remove the tumor, Rick woke up with a third of his skull replaced with titanium and paralyzed from the waist down. For many people it would have been easy to give up at that point. Instead, Rick spent months relearning how to walk and take care of himself. He pushed himself to do more and set goals so that he could be the husband and father he was before he knew about the tumor. While there were moments when he felt hopeless, he kept fighting.

Mark Weakland

Mark Weakland expresses himself through music, writing, and teaching. A reading specialist and consultant, he is the author of more than thirty non-fiction children’s books (Capstone / Picture Window), an award-winning audio book of poetry, and Jack Attack, his first YA novel. His books for educators include Super Core! Supercharging Your Basal Reading Program with More Reading, Writing, and Word Work (IRA, 2014).

Mark writes and records music for both kids and grown-ups, and his songs have won Parents' Choice and Children's Web awards and finished as finalists in The John Lennon Songwriting and USA Songwriting contests. He still sings, plays, and records with artists and bands in Western Pennsylvania.

Annual Central PA Literacy Banquet: Laurel & MidState

Thursday, May 15th, 6-8pm

Lock Haven University, 201 University Dr., Clearfield, PA 16830

The cost for the banquet is- $10 for Members; $25 for non-members. The price includes a wonderful meal offered by Apple Catering. Act 48 hours will be provided. RSVP is critical for this meeting! Please click here to register by May 5th!

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