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A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of February 19, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • RtI Updates with Maynard & Helton during Conference time on Monday, February 19
  • Moody Memorial in Cafeteria (K) on Tuesday, February 20 at 2:30 pm
  • District Science Test (Gr 3-5) on Wednesday, February 21
  • TELPAS CALIBRATIONS on Wednesday, February 21 at 3:30 pm (Faculty meeting for all other teachers)
  • Spring Class Pictures on Thursday, February 22
  • Faculty Pictures on Thursday, February 22 at 3:45 pm
  • Cookie Exchange & Pokeno Social Night on Thursday, February 22 at 5:30 pm
  • Math PLCS with Mr. A on Friday, February 23
  • Region 12 Science Review (Gr 5) on Friday, February 23 **Library Closed**
  • 4th Six Weeks Awards Names Due on Friday, February 23 in Google Drive

Counselor's Notes

Update RTI Meetings will be this Monday to update RtI in Eduphoria and print forms to go home with report cards. In order to complete these forms, please have your progress monitoring data ready (IE: Istation, Rigby, district/classroom assessment data, etc).

Important Annual 504 meetings for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are in the process of being scheduled. These meetings are vital due to need for STAAR accommodations to be clarified before state testing starts. Please be on the look out for invites and mark these important dates on your calendar. Remember, accommodations must routinely and effectively be used on regulary basis before students are eligible for complimentary accommodations on STAAR.

Dr. Nelson, Waco ISD superindendent, has challenged Alta Vista Elementary to have 20 guests present at University High School on Saturday, March 3 at 10:00 AM for a family engagement event with Jaimie Carerras. He will share a personal story of triumph over adversity. Some of his speech will be in Spanish; however, everyone will benefit from his powerful message. Please email Mrs. Maynard the name of two families from your homeroom class that you think would be open to attending this event!

Math Interventions

This week is math interventions week #3! I will be putting intervention assessments in your boxes for your intervention groups to decide how to regroup students. These need to be returned to me immediately on THURSDAY so we can discuss the results during Friday PLCs.

Math PLCs

Mr. A from Region 12 will be participating in math PLCs this Friday. Make sure you bring your math work samples and math planning resources. The math leader should bring a copy of the next unit assessment to discuss with the grade.
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Cookie Exchange & Pokeno Social Night!

The Kindergarten team is sponsoring a cookie exchange and Pokeno game night on February 22. Click the link below to RSVP! We hope to see you there!

RSVP Here:

From Your Captain

From our Campus Handbook: Lesson plans are due each Friday for the following week. A rough draft should be ready by conference time to discuss for PLC time and final copy should be posted in Eduphoria by 4:30 pm (and transferred to your “Personal Planner”). Lesson plans will be checked weekly in Forethought to ensure they are complete. All materials needed for the week should be made before you leave on Friday so that everything is ready Monday morning.

Lesson plans need to be detailed enough that anyone could pick them up and teach the lesson you have planned. All sections of the Forethought lesson plan template must be completed for each subject each day.

We have noticed a large amount of copies being left in the workroom; these are being thrown away at the end of the day, causing a lot of wasted paper. If you are printing to the workroom, print 1 master copy. Use it to make additional copies from the workroom...and don't forget to take them with you!

Please add your student names to the 4th Six Weeks Awards sheet in Google. Make sure you are not repeating names. Names due Friday, February 23.

Conscious Discipline

Weekly Commitment: We will be respectful by not calling people mean names.

Please do a reteach on our school agreements/rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, & Be Ready To Learn/Teach. During the Behavior Walkthru last week, none of our students were able to tell the school rules (as well as most adults)! Thank you!

Please email Mrs. Helton if you would like her to lead a morning meeting or speak to your class about our school commitments.

The 3 C's

As we move into the 5th six weeks (wow!) and STAAR review, I want you to be thinking about the 3 Cs: connection, capability, and confidence. Many times, students are struggling because they don't feel CONNECTED, CAPABLE, or CONFIDENT. How are you incorporating routines, traditions/rituals, and opportunities to build these in students?

  • Are you starting each day with a morning meeting to get students feeling CONNECTED to each other and to you? Students want to connect with adults, and they need a listening ear to hear their struggles and an encouraging word to keep going.
  • Are you giving students ownership of their learning data? Are they tracking their progress so that they can see that they are CAPABLE of being successful? Give students the opportunity to work next to you. They want to show you that they are capable of being successful, and they need your help when they struggle hear and there.
  • Are you reinforcing a growth mindset so that students feel CONFIDENT? Learning is hard work! Give students positive, specific feedback. Give them room to practice without penalty. When they make mistakes, make sure they can identify what they did wrong and how they will fix it. A red "x" doesn't tell students anything except they got an answer wrong. We have to teach students to learn from their mistakes.

We will continue to discuss the 3 C's in PLCs and faculty meetings. If you need help with getting any of these ideas started in your classroom, please reach out to any one on the Leadership or Behavior Team. We want to support you and grow with you!

February Makerspace

We have THREE makerspace projects this month!!

Project 1: Marble Maze with "Thump Quack Moo"

Project 2: Ozobot Robots with "Hidden Figures"

Project 3: Civil Rights Monument (no book; based on classroom research/discussion)

Email Mrs. Helton to schedule a time!

Currently Reading

Print out the "Currently Reading" sign, update it, and post it by your door. Earn points for your house!

Sign (just type in your name):

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Wellness BINGO

Join us in a BINGO challenge to focus on personal wellness. For each BINGO, put your name in the Wellness Jar in Nurse Leather's office. We will draw names every Wednesday at faculty meeting for prizes through Wednesday, February 21. See the attachment below for the downloadable version.