Bauters' Bulletin

Curriculum Counts


We have enjoyed reading various versions of The Three Little Pigs to identify and compare elements of fairy tales. Now, we are working on writing summaries!


We are moving into adding and subtracting within the 1000s. Please continue to work on Xtramath at home.


Students have been working on their letters in cursive. We are emphasizing correct grips, letter formation, and spacing.


In science we will continue learning about matter. The three states of matter are: gas, liquid, and solid. See how many examples of each you can find in your home. We will do experiments as we investigate the different properties of matter.

Social Studies

We will be working on an economy unit with volunteers in the community!

Upcoming Events

  • February 25th– 28th– After School Explorers

  • March 21st– 3rd Quarter Ends

  • March 27th– 1:30-2:30– School Parties

  • March 28th– Spring Break Begins

Read Across America

READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY, on Monday, March 3rd,

honors Theodore Giesel a.k.a Dr. Seuss! It’s his birthday, so we are celebrating with a Dr. Seuss Day/Week.

If you have Seuss books at home, please choose a couple of your favorites and bring them in as soon as you can, so we have plenty to enjoy, (Think HEAVY backpack — so don’t bring in your whole shelf full! )

Did You Know………???

One of the 2nd Grade State Standards in Math is relating problem situations to number sentences involving addition and subtraction.

At home idea: At the store have your child estimate the total cost of items by using addition and the amount of change by using