The Peine Pride

October Edition


Fall is here, and we will be celebrating at Peine Ridge. Parties will be held Tuesday, October 25.

Here are a few things you need to know. The parties will be held in the classroom. Students will have fun, play games, and can wear a costume. Please talk with your child's teacher if you are wanting to volunteer.

During our Fall Party, we do allow students to dress up. Please be mindful of the following costume guidelines:

  • No masks (Halloween masks)
  • No weapons
  • Nothing scary or gory
  • Must be school appropriate

If you are unsure if a costume idea is school-appropriate, please run it by your classroom teacher first.

Teachers will reach out for party donations. We appreciate all the support you provide!

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October 10 - Late Start Day


October 20- ROCK YOUR SCHOOL DAY/Fall Title Night

October 21 - Early Release/End of 1st Quarter

October 25 - Fall Party

October 26 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 27 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 28 - No School

October 31 - No School

November 1- No School

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Please remember that students ARE NOT supervised before 8:05 am. We have more and more students coming early, waiting outside, crossing the crosswalk, and being unsupervised before our 8:05 time. Please do not drop your children off before the 8:05 time, or allow them to arrive at the school before this time.

For our Car Riders:

  1. Please have your child seated on the right side of the car so they do not have to exit the car on the driver's side. It is best that they exit and enter the car via the passenger side along our front sidewalk.

  2. All parents should stay in the cars as students are exiting the car. We have staff to help open doors for your students if needed.

  3. Please work with your younger children to help them learn how to buckle and unbuckle themselves. Building independence is good practice.

  4. Please have your child have all their belongings ready to go when the car stops (book bag, lunch box, water bottle, etc).

For our Walkers and Bike Riders:

  1. Please ensure that students are not arriving at the main crosswalk until after 8:05 am. There are no staff on duty outside prior to 8:05 am,

  2. Please talk to the children about crossing streets only when necessary and only at appropriate corners. It would be good to walk the route with your child to ensure they know the safest way to school.

  3. If your child is not a walker or bike rider, they should be using the bus service or being dropped off via our front car rider line. Please do not drop them off on Peine Road or the subdivisions across from the school.

Thank you for your attention to all of these reminders. Our goal is to keep our kids safe!

Clothing Closet

THE WAY CHURCH is hosting a free clothing closet for families in need. You can go and pick out a few outfits for each of your kids. They have sizes from birth through high school. They are gently used items and they have a great selection, including a few costumes. They will also have some craft stations for kids and a fun giveaway!


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Red Ribbon Week is just around the corner! We have

planned a theme for each day to promote “Celebrate

Life. Live Drug-Free!!” Please include in your next

newsletter the following dates and themes for each


Monday, October 24-Have the power to

stay drug-free- Dress up like your

favorite Super Hero

Tuesday, October 25 ((Fall Party)) -

Spook Away Drugs- Fall Party

Day Wear your Costume

Wednesday, October 26- Snooze Don’t

Lose to Drugs- Wear school appropriate


Thursday- all-day conferences

Friday- We are off!!

MTSS Update

MTSS Update-

This month we were so excited to be back in the classroom with our students and to review our Peine’s 25. The Peine 25 consist of 25 behaviors that all Peine Students follow in order to be the best that they can be! Students were also able to meet with their grade level houses on our September late start day. They learned about the meaning and importance of their House!

Our First Scholars of the month for the 2022-2023 school year have been chosen. It is a High Honor to be chosen as a Peine Scholar. Only one Scholar is chosen each month per grade level. A Scholar is someone that is always giving their best effort academically and socially both inside and outside of the classroom.

Teachers have also been excitedly giving out House Points to the students for all sorts of exceptional behaviors. Reveur is currently in the lead but it is a tight race! Let’s keep those points coming!

Remember that every Friday is House Day! Wear your House colors to show your school spirit!


Scholars of the Month are chosen by the grade level team. These students have shown exemplary behavior in all areas during the school day. Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as the September Scholars of the Month:

Kindergarten- Brayden Snodgras

I am incredibly excited to announce that Brayden Snodgras is our Kindergarten Scholar of the month. Brayden is such a hard worker and always gives 100% to everything that he does. I know that I can always look to Brayden and know that he is doing the right thing. Brayden is also a kind boy with a sweet personality. We are very lucky to have Brayden as a part of our classroom family.

First-Grade- Braxon Thompson

First grade would like to recognize Braxon as our Scholar of the

Month for September. Braxon is a great friend to all and a leader in

our classroom. He does his very best work in all subject areas,

including specials. Braxon never gives up when things get difficult.

He is kind to everyone he meets. Braxon does the right thing at all

times, even when no one is watching. He has been seen pushing

in chairs, picking up trash that does not belong to him, and

assisting other students with tasks. We love having Braxon in our

classroom and at Peine Ridge!

Second-Grade- Skylar Merrins

Skylar Merrins is an amazing student and scholar. She follows all classroom and school expectations, she always helps her classmates and even students in other rooms. Skylar works very hard in class and always gives 100 percent. We are proud to have Skylar represent 2nd grade as the first Scholar of the Month for the year! Way to go Skylar!

Third-Grade- Brooklyn Snee

Brooklyn Snee comes to school each day with a smile on her face and such a positive attitude! She is always looking for ways to help in the classroom. She models hard work, honesty, respect, and compassion in everything she does. Regardless of the size of the task at hand, I know Brooklyn will try her best without complaint. I can count on Brooklyn to always do the right thing, and she encourages her classmates to do the same. Brooklyn is kind to everyone she meets and truly one of a kind! She has earned the honor of being third grade's September Scholar of the Month!

Fourth-Grade- Claire Warnke

Claire is always so sweet and kind to her peers. She is the first to do what is asked of her and always does it with a happy heart. She is the first to help someone who needs it and we are so lucky to have her in our class! I'm so proud of you, Claire!!

Fifth-Grade- Lauryn Schmersahl

5th Grade is so pleased to have Lauryn as our September Scholar of the Month. Lauryn is a true role model for others. She is always respectful and responsible. She is a good friend with a big heart. Lauryn is also very helpful and comes to school each day with a positive attitude. We appreciate Lauryn and are so proud of her!


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