All About Me

Who Am I

Hi my name is Karan Gill. I am a grade 10 student at Louise arbor secondary school. I am a very open minded person and is willing to try anything at least once. My interests are Football, Rugby

And building computers. I am currently on the junior boy’s rugby Team at Louise Arbor. I hope to play rugby throughout my high school career as it is a very interesting sport that requires a lot of determination, teamwork and effort. Another hobby I have is building computers and learning about them. I had built my first computer this month and it is one of my biggest accomplishment as it was something I really wanted to do and I got it to work with no issues. Football is my favorite sport and I would love to play football at school but unfortunately Louise Arbor does not have a Football team. I hope that I Louise Arbor gets a Football team before I leave high school as I would love to be on the team and I think we would have a solid team.

Building My First Computer

This is a photo of the first computer I built. I built this computer this month on April 15th 2016. I built this computer by myself and it is a pretty big accomplishment. I bought all of the parts for my computer from NCIX. The computer cost about $1500 and still needs a graphics card which I decided to get later because my old graphics card is still pretty good and if I would have bought the graphics card now I would need another $1000 which I don’t have. It took a lot of convincing to be able to build the computer, because my parents said it would be better for me to get it build from someone else. They thought I didn’t know how to build a computer so when I did build it I proved them wrong, and it felt pretty good.

My Favorite Things

Chicken wings

My favorite food has to be chicken wings. I love chicken wings because they are the best finger food and are from my favorite part of the chicken. My favorite chicken wings are from Montana’s, they have the best sauce in my opinion and just have a great taste to them. I also like that chicken wings can be an appetizer or a full meal, but there usually a full meal because once I start there is no stopping me until there are no more. i remember my first time eating chicken wings was at my cousin’s house, when I was 5 years old and I remember playing PlayStation 2 and his dad brought us chicken wings and I instantly fell in love.


My favorite sport is football because it is so much fun and is a team oriented sport. I loved football since I was a kid because all my older cousins would play when they would come over and play so I learned how to play at a young age. I also was the runt out of the group so I would always try and get better, and I would play football at elementary school recess and I would try to get better and I would think that one day I would beat my cousins. I am still not as good as my cousins but I am good competition which means I am improving. I would love to play Football in high school but unfortunately we don’t not have a football team at Louise Arbour.


My favorite pass time is learning about computers. I love learning what different things do and how they work. I don’t really like the software aspect of computers but I like the hardware aspect as I find it a lot more interesting and it is more hands on instead of programming were it is all done with a mouse and keyboard. I always loved computers ever since I got my first computer when I was 7 years old. I remember that we didn’t have internet so my cousin would come over and we would take turns playing solitaire and minesweeper which we thought was so much fun but if we look at it now it is very simple and basic. I also love the feeling when you encounter a problem with your computer and you know how to fix it. I hope that I can turn a pastime into a job as I would like to open up a computer shop where I sell computer parts and fix computers.

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is a teller. I think I’m a teller because its my way or the highway and I if someone doesn’t agree or the plans aren’t to my liking I might kick someone out or not participate in the event. I think one example of this is when I am with my friends I am the person who thinks of what to do and if there not on board I’m not going to do something else. I also demonstrate this when I am in a group for school I am usually the person that will tell everyone what to do and there are not buts about it. My leadership style is very efficient especially if there is a group project because I assign what everyone’s going to do.

My Influences

My main influences have to be my family. My family is really important to me because they are the people that I live with and see everyday no matter what. I think family is the most important thing in life and they are the people who come before anyone else. I also think that your family are the people who teach you right from wrong and without my family I would not be the person I am. I am very fortunate to have the family that I have as they are all very loving people who care for me a lot and want what’s best for me.

My Role Model

the person that has affected me a lot is my sister Navnit. She is my older sister and is four years older than me. She is my favorite sister between the two of my sisters. She has always been there for me. She is very nice and has a great personality. She is currently attending university for social work. My sister is the type of person that puts other people before herself and is the type of person that wants to please everyone. She is also a person that I can talk to and I know that she won’t judge me. My sister also tries to convince my parents to let me do something when she knows I really want it. For example, she is one of the reason I cut my hair because she knew that I really wanted to and she convinced my parents. My sister is also the person that helped me get over my fear of going to school. I remember that I would be afraid to go to school and I wouldn’t want to go but my sister convinced that school was good and nothing was going to happen and I would love going to school. She was right I did love school mostly because in JK and SK you didn’t learn a whole lot and played games but that’s beside the point.

Learning Style

Learning Style: Auditory(34%)-Kinesthetic(33%)-Visual(33%)

Personality: Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging

Interests: The Professional (EC)

Knowledge: Computers

Motivations: Independence

Compatibility: advertising manager 73% financial manager 82% lawyer 78%

True color result: Orange adventurous

Right Brain or Left Brain similar minds test: 54% Right 56% Left

Holland Code Career Test: Thinker


The tests were very in-depth and were very specific. Some tests were better than others. The most helpful test in my opinion was the true color test. I think this was a good test because. It helped me realize that I can be to counter opposites and that’s fine. On the testy I had my first choice be orange and my second choice be green. This told me that I act two different ways. I am very different when I am with my friends compared to when I am with my family. This was a good test to do because it helped me realize that I am not always one type of person and I act different in different situations and different people. The least helpful test was the leadership test. This test was not the most effective and was one of my weakest test because I really didn’t fall into one category and I was a little bit of all categories.

My strengths are I am independent, disciplined, thoughtful and helpful. I am independent because I always try to do things on my own, and I don’t like doing things with more than one person if they can be done alone. One example of this is when I go to the gym I always workout alone and don’t go with friends because I feel it gets in the way. Another strength is I am disciplined. I show this strength because I will follow orders and know my boundaries and know not to cross them. One example is if I go out with my friends and I get a curfew I always try to be on time. My next strength is being thoughtful. I am thoughtful because I always try to take everyone’s opinions in all situations. One example is if my friends are trying to think of something to do I will take everyone’s idea and try to make everyone happy. My final strength is being helpful. I demonstrate this strength because I am always the person that asks people for help even if they don’t ask for it. One example were I shows this strength is I always help my dad do work around the house because I know he is busy working.

My weakness has to be writing, being patent, committing to something and working with others. Writing is a big weakness as I have bad hand writing. I have always had bad hand writing ever since I was a child and no matter how hard I try I always write very mess and its not straight. My other weakness is having patience, I am not a paste it person and I tend to want things to happens very fast and quick. I need to learn how to be Patent and learn to let things to take there course and not always try to rush rings. For example, I was saying at Best Buy and I got really pissed off and when I was talking to the employee I was very rude. Another weakness I have is committing to something I always have trouble with committing to something and I never commit all the way. For example, I Reyes to commit to go to the gym everyday but after a week I cut it down to five days a week and now I only go 4 times a week. My final weakness is working with tiger people. I like hanging out with other people but when it comes to work I prefer to be alone because there are no other opinions you have to think about and you can work on what you want. One example is I prefer to work alone on groups projects.

I learned a lit about my self in this assignment I learned a lot of good things and bad things. Something I learned that surprised me was that I can be really different with different people. I learned that I act really different with friends then I do with family. I also learned that I am interested in becoming a lawyer which is really cool even though I probably won't become a lawyer because you need to go to school for 8 years and that's is a lot of school and I don't see my self spending that much time in school. I also Learn that I like to be in a business type environment and manage a group of people which is really cool because first they make slot of money and second it seems like it would be fun. Overall I think that this was a really good way to Learn about yourself and it helped me learn new things about myself.